June 3, 2013

Weekend Shenanigan's

This weekend was fun. Like a lot of fun. 

We did a lot of new things and it felt great to get out of the house and explore our temporary home.

* Friday *

Friday night we went out to dinner with some of my in-law's friends and had a blast listening to live music, drinking and eating delicious food. 

After my husband told everyone at the table that I am a wanna-be ghost hunter, I got invited by one of the couples to come and explore their house which used to be the naval morgue during the Spanish-American war.

* Saturday *

We stopped by the Forsyth Park Farmer's market in Savannah and it didn't disappoint.


We picked up some fingerling potatoes, banana peppers, hot peppers, a big bag of South Carolina peaches, green onions, vidalia onions & some swiss chard.

After the market, we stopped by Green Truck Pub for some delicious veggie burgers. 

We waited over an hour to get seated due to the SCAD graduation that day, so when our food arrived, I inhaled it and didn't even think about taking photos until it was completely in my belly.

Hence the picture above of a meat burger that I took off their website. 

John had a veggie burger with avocado, black beans, and corn salsa on top. I had a veggie patty with locally made vidalia onion chutney on top. 


Also, their fries might be the best I ever had. They make their own garlic ketchup too and I seriously could have done shots of that stuff. Crazy good.

Saturday night we drove about two hours west of Savannah to go to a BBQ/pig picking at one of John's boss's house. This house was gorgeous and dubbed by the owners as 'The Swamp Palace.' 

It sat on a few thousand acres of land, right on a giant river and just had the atmosphere of a perfect Southern cabin. 

Everyone drank, picked at the the freshly cooked pigs and I had something that was not vegan, but oh so delicious ... and weird. 

 Enter in the strawberry cheese ring. Distinctly Southern with a strange combination of flavors but seriously good. 

I may have eaten my body weight in this cheese, onion, pecan, strawberry jam monstrosity.

Here's a link to a recipe I found in case you want to know what the hell I ate .... recipe

 * Sunday *

John's dad took us out on the marsh in their boat and we spent a few hours exploring the waterways, sitting on a beach, drinking (see a theme this weekend??) and watching dolphins play. 

Once again I didn't take any photos (see another theme??) but it was a beautiful day with clear skies, lots of birds everywhere and plenty of sun. 

Speaking of which....I found out where I forgot to apply sunscreen today. 

 Apparently the toes on my left foot missed out and now I will be spending the next few days avoiding socks and shoes. 

I forgot to put sunscreen on John's shoulders which he discovered this morning, but unfortunately he can't walk around all day at the law firm shirtless. 

Hope you all had a great weekend! 

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~ With Love, Ashlee ~

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