June 21, 2013

High Five For Friday!

Hey hey hey!

So it's Friday again and this weekend is packed with people, places, things.

The usual nouns I suppose.

But gosh darn it, I am so excited folks about a few things that are happening around here.

So here is my 'High Five For Friday!'


I drank the Kool-aid everyone.

With the arrival of our new smart phones a few days ago, the first application (or should I use the word 'app?' Is that what the kids are calling it these days?) I downloaded was Instagram.

Guys....it's awesome.

I have only done four photos so far because I am still getting use to documenting all the food I eat for everyone and making sure you all realize how cool my life is, but don't worry...

I will become a full fledged instagram user soon.

Check me out (do we follow on instagram?) under the username 'mysweetnomsa'


During our honeymoon in Savannah, on the first evening that we were husband and wife, we went on a ghost tour pub crawl with my family. 

Thanks to the city's open container laws, we walked from pub to pub throughout the city, drinking alcohol (shirley temples for me as I hadn't yet developed my taste for wine), hearing scary ghost stories and capturing orbs on film. 

Tonight we are going on another pub crawl ghost tour with my husband's bff and his girlfriend who are visiting us for the weekend in Savannah. 

I will be sure to update you all on how many orbs I capture on film. 


Alright, now before I share this next thing, just a disclaimer....

I was completely and utterly obsessed with John Travolta as a child/teenager/young adult. 

Like full on, watching every damn movie he was ever in, dressing up like him for the 4th grade talent show, writing him fan mail, obsessed. 

Him as Danny Zuko in Grease was sheer perfection for me and I feel in love with him as only a pre-pubescent teenager can.  

With that said....is he not getting so incredibly creepy? I mean really John Travolta? Do you have to always act so weird now? 

Last night, he was on the David Letterman show and we were watching it before bed and I swear to you, my husband started giggling so hard at him during this interview. 

I posted the full-length video below but just start watching around the 5:08 minute mark. The giggling will start right around 6:15. 


Tomorrow, rain or shine, we are having a beach day gosh darn it. 


I got to try out new Jamberry nail wraps today. An old friend is a consultant with the company and I received a sample to try them out. 

It's my first time rocking a statement nail and I definitely love it. 

I have used Sally Hansen nail wraps before, but Jamberry uses heat to seal them to your nails. I use my nails so much making jewelry that my nail polish chips within a few days, so I can't wait to see how these hold up. They are a lot thicker than Sally Hansen and seem like a better quality as well. 

I am loving all of their different designs. These are some of my favorites...

Oh and one other great thing is that the nail wraps are extra long, so you can cut them and use each strip for 2-3 nails. So for the $15.00 nail wrap sheet, you are getting 2-3 manicures.

So, that's what I am excited about this Friday? How about you!

~ With Love, Ashlee ~

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  1. Instagram is my faaaaaavorite! I am checking it multiple times a day... ha ha! I'm going to have to find you on there! courtbrink is me :)
    Those nail wraps are the cutest! I need to try some!

    1. Hey Courtney!

      Yeah, everytime I am on my phone now, my husband just sighs and mutters 'instagram?'

      My new favorite social device!

      I am now following you and OOOOMMMMGGGGG....do you have the cutest baby in the world? Seriously!?!

  2. I just found your blog! I'm glad to see someone giving a positive review to the nail strips- I've been dying to try them, but I don't want to waste my money on something that doesn't work! I love the watermelon pattern.

    Amanda @ Running In Heels

    1. Hey Amanda!

      I definitely liked them, but after wearing them for a bit, I think I actually prefer Sally Hansen's nail strips. The variety isn't as great, but they are thinner so it just feels like nail polish. The Jamberry's are slightly thicker and since I use my nails alot with making jewelry, I could notice them. Just a personal preference though.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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