June 29, 2013

High Five For Friday - Saturday Edition!

So guess who has two thumbs and writes a blog at 9pm on a Friday night?

This lady!

This photo was taken a few years ago at my first UGA football game. 
Go Dawgs!

My husband is currently enjoying the delicious food and drinks of Savannah with his co-workers while I sit at home lamenting the fact that I already ate the last of the ice cream earlier today.

But soon, yes soon, I will go and join him and we will enjoy the madness of Savannah on a Friday night together (and pick up ice cream on the way home. And wine. And beer). 

(Editor's note: It is now Saturday afternoon. Right after I typed that last sentance my husband called me to pick him up so now we have the 'High Five for Friday - Saturday Edition).


Friday was the last day of work for my husband at one of his summer jobs and he starts his next job July 8th. So for one week we get to enjoy the spoils of island living together!

I have already penned into our calender some sea kayaking, beach laying, bicycle riding, crabbing, spinning at the YMCA, boating, gallivanting around Savannah together and eating lots of ice cream.

I am very excited for our mini vacation together.


Yesterday I stopped by the Goodwill here and pursed their items. I don't buy clothes really ever (pretty much only when I am in Colorado with my mom) but I splurged yesterday and got a haul of new things for only $23.00.

Two dresses, two shirts, one skirt and one pair of jeans (for an upcoming DIY project).


I may or may not have beaten my husband's top score on 'Minon Rush.'



I finally figured out what all you young, hip people are talking about when you mention spotify.

You kids and your dang modern technology.

I now get to listen to all my pop music on repeat without making my husband's eyes bug out when he sees our Itune charges for the month.

I currently have these four songs on repeat...


I have always known I have a pretty cool mom, but I really just want to give a special shout-out to her right now because she has been especially awesome this week. 

I am a lucky kid that I get to have such a good looking, funny mom. 

She likes to stroke my ego by telling me that since I was so perfect as a child, she decided that she shouldn't bother having anymore children since they all wouldn't live up to the standard I set. 

I love the fact that since I am an only child I don't have to share her with anyone (except my stepdad, but he's cool, so I'm okay with that). 

One of the many reasons that she is cool is because she shows me photos of things she sees at work ...

She works as a code enforcement officer in a not so great area of Denver so she sees plenty of interesting things.  

She also shares status updates like these on facebook for everyone to see...

MOM - "My thought for the day....So...after all my thoughts about working out early.....I spent the entire morning wondering/ concerned why my new uniform shorts felt SO uncomfortable....I had to make a pit stop at the MLK building (where we keep our lunch in the fridge) and decided to use the facilities.....I discovered...and this may be tmi...that I had my underpants on BACKWARDS!!!! omg.....I am humbled."

MOM - "I asked my husband if he had planned an amazingly...wonderful....
weekend for my birthday....he just stared at me. I may need to kick his a$$....."

Did I mention that I get my good looks from her???

  My mom is on the left, her BFF is on the right.

So in conclusion....

Mom you rock!
Thanks for being so awesome and for making me feel incredibly loved this week. 

So that about ends this week's of 'High Five For Friday - Saturday Edition.' 
Better late than never I suppose.

 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

~ With Love, Ashlee ~

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June 27, 2013

Busy Bee...

Pretty much every day the past few weeks has called for a 50% chance of rain. 

This has slowed me down in the getting a nice tan on the beach department, but it has been great to photograph new items (cloudy weather makes for good lighting). 

The past few days I have edited thousands of photos and added over 20 new items to my store and I am pretty darn excited about them. 

I focused on making more sterling silver designs, adding some new bracelets to the mix and creating more colors of my hand painted earrings. 



So there you have it! These are now available in my etsy store.  

Do you have a favorite item?

~ With Love, Ashlee ~

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June 26, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans: Ghost and Beach Edition

I feel like a weekend must have been good if it takes you until Wednesday to plug your camera into your computer and sort through the events. 

What I liked the most about this past weekend is that we did things with people. 
(After I typed that sentence, I realized how vague that was but I am just gonna roll with it.)

This past weekend, my husband's BFF came into Savannah with his lovely girlfriend (both of whom are law students) and we had a fun time exploring the city on Friday and relaxing at the beach on Saturday. 

Too often we just get meals with friends, but don't actually do any other activities together (at least as a couple).

Don't get me wrong, I love eating. A lot. And I love eating with friends a lot.
But when you are constantly surrounded by law students and aren't one yourself, the conversation is typically law related and I find myself having little to contribute around the dinner table. But when we are doing things and experiencing fun activities together, I feel more involved and find myself enjoying the occasion more.

So back to my original statement, 'what I liked the most about this past weekend is that we did things with people.'

Be forwarned....I took a lot of photos when I actually remembered I had a camera with me so be prepared for a lot of similar photos. 

Drinking some wine while waiting on pizza to arrive at our table and giggling to myself as my husband has to figure out how to type on his new smart phone with his sausage fingers.

Hanging outside, waiting to get our ghost tour pub crawl on. 

The ghost tour started outside one of our favorite pubs which we visit often thanks to fond memories of eating brie and drinking wine during our honeymoon on their patio. 

Our ghost tour guide was from Boston and absolutely hilarious. We heard maybe two ghost stories in the 2.5 hour tour, but got lots of dirt on his ex-wife, laughed at stupid things people say to him while he gives a tour and heard lots on how he is a terrible horse carriage operator. 

I definitely captured a lot of 'orbs' while taking photos at the Colonial Park cemetery in downtown Savannah. 
NBD but I am a little bit of a ghost hunter. 

After the tour, we headed to a rooftop bar in Savannah which overlooked River Street and the Savannah River. The sight was gorgeous. 

Saturday we headed down to the beach undeterred by the cloudy skies and the possibility of rain. 

Joe brought along a deluxe kite and I watched three law students attempt to build it and fly it. Even though it did end up flying after a few unsuccessful tries, I don't have any photographic proof, so maybe it didn't really happen after all. 

We sat, had some drinks and swam for the rest of the day. And yeah, thanks to open container laws and no glass on the beach laws, I poured myself a giant sippy cup of wine before we left the house. 

After having a bit of sippy cup wine, I ended up with a series of photos like this one below, which I have a very vague recollection of taking. 

Saturday evening consisted of lots of eating, playing a ring toss game with a lot of kids at a local restaurant and talking into the wee hours out on my in-laws patio.

Sunday was spent eating lots of grease and recuperating.  I didn't move very much that day and definitely didn't take any photos of my hungover self.

Even though it is Wednesday, I hope you all had a great weekend. I am linking up with the hilarious Ms. Sami to share these shenanigans. 

Sami's Shenanigans

Have a great day everyone!

~ With Love, Ashlee ~

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June 25, 2013

Weird memory...

On my facebook timeline the other day, someone posted a link to a Buzzfeed article on '25 Reasons Why Being a Kid Just Plain Sucks.'

I love myself a good buzzfeed article, so I hopped over, and when I came across good ole #19, I guffawed.

Reason #19 that being a kid sucks...

Bill Cosby

Nick at Nite was my absolute favorite thing to watch when I was a kid (also up there was 'The Price Is Right' and the entire Game Show network).

I spent hours watching I Love Lucy, The Wonder Years, Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley and The Cosby Show. 

I have a very distinct and random memory of this Cosby show episode and I can never look at someone bouncing a kid on their knee the same. 

My sister-in-law came to Georgia a few months ago along with my niece and nephew. My husband was bouncing them on his knees all crazy like, and all I could do was sit there, stare and think about how very cosby-esque this was of him. 

And now I have a gif to always look and giggle at while trying to figure out why the heck this image from my childhood stuck with me through adulthood. 

~ With Love, Ashlee ~

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June 21, 2013

High Five For Friday!

Hey hey hey!

So it's Friday again and this weekend is packed with people, places, things.

The usual nouns I suppose.

But gosh darn it, I am so excited folks about a few things that are happening around here.

So here is my 'High Five For Friday!'


I drank the Kool-aid everyone.

With the arrival of our new smart phones a few days ago, the first application (or should I use the word 'app?' Is that what the kids are calling it these days?) I downloaded was Instagram.

Guys....it's awesome.

I have only done four photos so far because I am still getting use to documenting all the food I eat for everyone and making sure you all realize how cool my life is, but don't worry...

I will become a full fledged instagram user soon.

Check me out (do we follow on instagram?) under the username 'mysweetnomsa'


During our honeymoon in Savannah, on the first evening that we were husband and wife, we went on a ghost tour pub crawl with my family. 

Thanks to the city's open container laws, we walked from pub to pub throughout the city, drinking alcohol (shirley temples for me as I hadn't yet developed my taste for wine), hearing scary ghost stories and capturing orbs on film. 

Tonight we are going on another pub crawl ghost tour with my husband's bff and his girlfriend who are visiting us for the weekend in Savannah. 

I will be sure to update you all on how many orbs I capture on film. 


Alright, now before I share this next thing, just a disclaimer....

I was completely and utterly obsessed with John Travolta as a child/teenager/young adult. 

Like full on, watching every damn movie he was ever in, dressing up like him for the 4th grade talent show, writing him fan mail, obsessed. 

Him as Danny Zuko in Grease was sheer perfection for me and I feel in love with him as only a pre-pubescent teenager can.  

With that said....is he not getting so incredibly creepy? I mean really John Travolta? Do you have to always act so weird now? 

Last night, he was on the David Letterman show and we were watching it before bed and I swear to you, my husband started giggling so hard at him during this interview. 

I posted the full-length video below but just start watching around the 5:08 minute mark. The giggling will start right around 6:15. 


Tomorrow, rain or shine, we are having a beach day gosh darn it. 


I got to try out new Jamberry nail wraps today. An old friend is a consultant with the company and I received a sample to try them out. 

It's my first time rocking a statement nail and I definitely love it. 

I have used Sally Hansen nail wraps before, but Jamberry uses heat to seal them to your nails. I use my nails so much making jewelry that my nail polish chips within a few days, so I can't wait to see how these hold up. They are a lot thicker than Sally Hansen and seem like a better quality as well. 

I am loving all of their different designs. These are some of my favorites...

Oh and one other great thing is that the nail wraps are extra long, so you can cut them and use each strip for 2-3 nails. So for the $15.00 nail wrap sheet, you are getting 2-3 manicures.

So, that's what I am excited about this Friday? How about you!

~ With Love, Ashlee ~

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June 20, 2013

Things I Am Loving...


Watermelon juice. 

I have been scooping up giant chunks of watermelon and plopping it in the blender and letting it whirl. 

Just watermelon. Nothing else and it is pure joy for my mouth.


Extra large pom-poms. 

I have been putting them on a new line of hats and they are bigger than a baby's head and so soft and fluffy.

Pom poms for everyone!!


My new phone. 

I am not a savvy person in the areas of technology but I am digging this phone. 

I had a smart phone before but I like this one much better. 
It is faster, sleeker and much easier to navigate.

Oh and it was only $175 and it comes with a no contract, $19 a month, unlimited talk/text/web plan. 

(more on our new cell plan in another post because I want to test it out for a few more weeks before I give you all the deets). 


♥♥ This necklace ♥♥

I love the plump, creamy pearl. 

I love the bright, solid sterling silver, lopsided infinity pendant. 

I try not to keep much of the jewelry that I make for myself because well...

It's not very good business sense is it?

Oh honey, what do you mean I can't keep all these pretty jewels? I have to sell them? What?!?!

But this necklace.....

This went straight to my stash. I wore it all day and checked myself out in the mirror a few times to admire it. 

But don't worry, I made some more for you. 

You can find it ♥ here


This song, music video and their dancing is currently my jam. 

Go on with your bad self Bruno Mars. 

What are you loving this Thursday? 

~ With Love, Ashlee ~ 

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