June 5, 2013


Reading: The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I bought this book immediately after hearing about it from Bonnie on 'The Life of Bon.' Apparently I have been living under a rock though because it seems like a lot of people have read it, done it and enjoyed it. I still haven't planned out a happiness project for myself, but I am enjoying reading it and am thinking about how I want to tackle the project. Definitely can relate to the author on a lot and sometimes feel like I am reading my own thoughts.

Listening: This is sort of a listening/reading hybrid since it is an audiobook, but I started listening to 'Cinder' last week by Marissa Meyer. 

I had it recommended to me by some ladies at my YA book club (yeah...I'm in a Young Adult novel book club for adults) and after listening to it for about six hours, I am finally starting to get into it. From what I understand so far, it's loosely based on the Cinderella story and takes place in the future (after World War IV) and involves cyborgs. The main character (Cinder) isn't terribly likeable, so I have had a hard time getting invested in it, but I do love myself some cyborgs, so I am giving it a chance and will keep on listening.

Wondering: Where we are going to be in a year. John will be done with law school and will hopefully be working someplace he loves, but where that place is, I have no idea. We could be anywhere in Georgia or who knows....maybe Colorado (mom, don't get your hopes up). I feel at peace with the unpredictable location of our future, just curious as to where it might be.

I am also wondering what the heck everyone is referring to on Facebook by the Red Wedding that took place on Game of Thrones this week. I am going to start reading the books but I can't help but see all these spoilers pop up in my newsfeed and they all make me extra curious.

Feeling Thankful For: My in-laws. They have been letting us live with them for the past few weeks and they really couldn't have been nicer or more accommodating. Thanks so much for welcoming all three of us into your home!

Eating: Lots and lots of oil and salt. I have been craving hard core the past few days and have been inhaling anything that I can put salt and oil on. Potatoes? Yup! Toast? Of course! Pasta? Why not!

Watching: Battlestar Galactica. 

We only have four or five episodes left of the series and I have no idea where the show is going or how they are going to wrap everything up. I like my entertainment to tie up all the loose ends and make me feel good when the show is over (don't even get me started on LOST...) and I need this show to hurry up and present me with all my answers and good feelings.

Working on: A large wholesale order for a spa in Athens, GA and also a new line of bracelets that I am SOOO excited for. Hopefully I will be able to create them, photograph them and share it within the next few weeks.

Loving: Where we are currently living. Our weekends are spent wandering around the historic district of Savannah, boating and eating delicious food. I love that even though my husband takes the car during the day, I can get anywhere I need to go on the island in 15 minutes by bike and can just walk a half of a mile to the beach for a mid-day sun bathing break whenever I want.

Looking Forward To: Our future family. My biological clock is ticking big time right now and even though we aren't in any sort of financial position to have a baby, I can't help but spend a little time each day dreaming about various baby things. Today, I spent half an hour looking at what the most popular baby names in 2012 were and yesterday I looked at diaper bags online for twenty minutes. 

Thinking About: My business, my blog and my brand. I am trying to map out where I want to go, what I want to do and things that I want to accomplish in the next year or two and am excited about future possibilities but I am trying to be realistic about what I can accomplish as a one woman show. 

What you are up to currently?

~ With Love, Ashlee ~

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