November 30, 2011

New Items In Stock!

As many of you know, I have been having a 20% sale for the past few days. The sale officially ends at Midnight tonight (EST), so if you want to get take advantage of these never-before-so-low prices, you better act quickly! The sale is going on in both of my etsy stores - &

I added a bunch of new items to both of my stores. I have oodles of new designs that I still need to add, so check back often in the next few days for a lot of new items! If you want any more information about any of the items below, just click on the photo to get all the details!

November 27, 2011


I am definitely a jeans type of girl. In fact, I am an Old Navy, Sweetheart Style, Dark Wash, jeans type of girl. I swear to the high gods that from the time I hit puberty until I moved to Georgia last summer, I never ever ever wore a pair of shorts and dresses were for certain occasions (weddings and funerals).  This isn't because I disliked skirts and dresses but rather disliked my calves. As my grandfather once told me, 'You have stout legs because you come from a long line of potato farmers. They need to be thick so you can stand in the fields a long time.'

Awwww....exactly the words a 14 old girl wants to hear. I got older, I gained some weight and my legs never ever saw the light of day. I actually worked outside all summer in 2008 in Richmond, VA registering people to vote for 12 hours a day and wore jeans. That is how dedicated to the cause of hiding my calves I was. husband finally convinced me after we moved to Georgia that I might pass out if I continue to wear jeans in the summer (he also told me how cute I looked in dresses and skirts. A lot.)

Over the past year I have purchased a pair of shorts (a pair) and also invested in a few above the knee dresses from Old Navy. Even this last month I wore a pair of tights with a dress. Unheard of for me.

But as I keep running and losing some of the weight I gained after college, I am starting to get a bit more comfortable with my calves. They are still huge and I can't wear boots because I have never managed to find a pair to go over my calves, but....I am not quite as self-conscious as I used to be about them. Still don't enjoy them, but don't get terrified when they are not hidden underneath a layer of thick denim.

The point of all of this is to say that I am starting to look for cute dresses to wear and gosh darn there are a lot around. I never had any appreciation for them before and am now blown away by the absolute cuteness I ignored for so many years.

I absolutely love the details on the collar of this dress and the pale silk fabric looks so amazing.


The pastel combination of this whole outfit is so delicious. Total sherbert inspired.

I love the giant heart on this dress. Also, rust has never been a favorite color of mine, but she totally makes it work with the black tights and red hair.

November 26, 2011

Parking Lot Hijinks

Husband and I ventured out of the house today to do some exciting things. We went to the library, post office and bought some printer ink. Yeehaw!!

Somewhere in the middle of this, in a grocery store parking lot, a man came up to my Husband and offered to buff and polish the back fender on our Prius. About six months ago someone side swipped our car in a parking lot and drove off. They practically took off our back bumper, but with some gorilla glue, we managed to reattach it. It hasn't looked too good since. I didn't mind the dents, but it was starting to rust a little bit.

Anywho, this guy convinced my husband that he could make our fender look as good as new. He was one hell of a salesman. He told us he actually worked for the local toyota dealership, that he just 'happened' to have the tools in the back of his Cadillac Escalade and that he could make it look as good as new in 20 minutes. I just stood to the side and surveyed the parking lot while they were talking, sure as anything that some sort of raid was about to happen. He told us he was doing this to get some extra money for his kids and that all this miracle work was only going to cost us $200. husband talked this guy down to $100 and the next thing I know, this guy pulls a giant blowtorch out of his car, some spray paint and his assistant (aka - lady friend) and gets to work.

I hopped in the car to stay warm and let me husband survey the car repair situation. As I nervously looked around, I watched a giant traffic jam form in the parking lot as people just stopped driving to stare at the man with a giant blowtorch scorching our car.

Well....20 minutes later and I swear to Jebus, our fender was as good as new. No dents, no scratches and with a beautiful fresh coat of paint. My husband tipped him an extra $20 and convinced at least one other person in the parking lot to let the man fix her car.

Moral of the story: If a tall, heavy man approaches you in a parking lot with a blowtorch, bolt cutters and spray paint in a partially abandoned parking prepared to get a great deal on car repair.

November 25, 2011

Big Changes Are Coming!

Howdy Y'all!

Goodness....time sure does fly. I mean...I haven't blogged in ages....and well, I guess I have never actually done it consistently ever. Well...fret no more dear readers (hi Mom!). Today I spent all day doing 'research' (i.e. reading other people's blogs) and I got inspired. So inspired in fact that I plan on being a blogger. Not just a 'oh, I better blog to show some new items that I have for sale' or a 'I need to blog so my husband will stop nagging me about it' blogger. Nope...none of those. I have decided that I am going to be a legitimate blogger. Like for real. So get ready. I got lots and lots of great ideas, funny stories to share and insightful things to discuss.

But I did eat a lot of food tonight. We didn't do Thanksgiving since my Husband was studying all day/night for law school exams, so I made up for it today by eating two dinners. And a dessert. So I am getting a little bit sleepy. So I might have to start blowing your mind tomorrow.

PS....I decided to make a 'microwave brownie for one' (don't judge!) and I figured I might as well document it for my blog because you know...I am a real blogger now. Anywho here are the photos...

Anxiously awaiting, spoon in hand, for my delicious brownie to microwave itself to gooey perfection ( microwave isn't really that dirty. Whoever lived in our apartment before us burned holes in the microwave door.)

"Coincidentally," my husband left his study lair just in time to come into the kitchen as the brownie was finishing. He totally grabbed it from me and ran off.

I tried to rationalize with him about how this was for me, and that it was for my blog. He decided to be a jerk and block all attempts at photographing the delicious desert. I asked him politely (i.e. whined) to set it down for my photographing pleasure.

So there you have it. My poop looking microwave brownie in all its glory, getting devoured by my husband. So this silly picture is all you get of it because I then threw down my camera, grabbed my brownie and huddled in the corner while I ate it in all its warm, gooey goodness.

So I hope you have as fun of a Friday night as we did!

PPS....Remember....big changes are coming! Just not when my tummy is so full.
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