November 26, 2011

Parking Lot Hijinks

Husband and I ventured out of the house today to do some exciting things. We went to the library, post office and bought some printer ink. Yeehaw!!

Somewhere in the middle of this, in a grocery store parking lot, a man came up to my Husband and offered to buff and polish the back fender on our Prius. About six months ago someone side swipped our car in a parking lot and drove off. They practically took off our back bumper, but with some gorilla glue, we managed to reattach it. It hasn't looked too good since. I didn't mind the dents, but it was starting to rust a little bit.

Anywho, this guy convinced my husband that he could make our fender look as good as new. He was one hell of a salesman. He told us he actually worked for the local toyota dealership, that he just 'happened' to have the tools in the back of his Cadillac Escalade and that he could make it look as good as new in 20 minutes. I just stood to the side and surveyed the parking lot while they were talking, sure as anything that some sort of raid was about to happen. He told us he was doing this to get some extra money for his kids and that all this miracle work was only going to cost us $200. husband talked this guy down to $100 and the next thing I know, this guy pulls a giant blowtorch out of his car, some spray paint and his assistant (aka - lady friend) and gets to work.

I hopped in the car to stay warm and let me husband survey the car repair situation. As I nervously looked around, I watched a giant traffic jam form in the parking lot as people just stopped driving to stare at the man with a giant blowtorch scorching our car.

Well....20 minutes later and I swear to Jebus, our fender was as good as new. No dents, no scratches and with a beautiful fresh coat of paint. My husband tipped him an extra $20 and convinced at least one other person in the parking lot to let the man fix her car.

Moral of the story: If a tall, heavy man approaches you in a parking lot with a blowtorch, bolt cutters and spray paint in a partially abandoned parking prepared to get a great deal on car repair.

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