November 25, 2011

Big Changes Are Coming!

Howdy Y'all!

Goodness....time sure does fly. I mean...I haven't blogged in ages....and well, I guess I have never actually done it consistently ever. Well...fret no more dear readers (hi Mom!). Today I spent all day doing 'research' (i.e. reading other people's blogs) and I got inspired. So inspired in fact that I plan on being a blogger. Not just a 'oh, I better blog to show some new items that I have for sale' or a 'I need to blog so my husband will stop nagging me about it' blogger. Nope...none of those. I have decided that I am going to be a legitimate blogger. Like for real. So get ready. I got lots and lots of great ideas, funny stories to share and insightful things to discuss.

But I did eat a lot of food tonight. We didn't do Thanksgiving since my Husband was studying all day/night for law school exams, so I made up for it today by eating two dinners. And a dessert. So I am getting a little bit sleepy. So I might have to start blowing your mind tomorrow.

PS....I decided to make a 'microwave brownie for one' (don't judge!) and I figured I might as well document it for my blog because you know...I am a real blogger now. Anywho here are the photos...

Anxiously awaiting, spoon in hand, for my delicious brownie to microwave itself to gooey perfection ( microwave isn't really that dirty. Whoever lived in our apartment before us burned holes in the microwave door.)

"Coincidentally," my husband left his study lair just in time to come into the kitchen as the brownie was finishing. He totally grabbed it from me and ran off.

I tried to rationalize with him about how this was for me, and that it was for my blog. He decided to be a jerk and block all attempts at photographing the delicious desert. I asked him politely (i.e. whined) to set it down for my photographing pleasure.

So there you have it. My poop looking microwave brownie in all its glory, getting devoured by my husband. So this silly picture is all you get of it because I then threw down my camera, grabbed my brownie and huddled in the corner while I ate it in all its warm, gooey goodness.

So I hope you have as fun of a Friday night as we did!

PPS....Remember....big changes are coming! Just not when my tummy is so full.

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