December 15, 2010

I am not my hair....

My hair and I have had a bit of torrid history (like a lot of women). It really revolves around me having naturally fabulous hair but no knowledge or desire to learn how to tame it. 99% of the time you will see me in a bun, attempting to restrain the awesomeness of this beast on my head. I have gone so far as to shave my head in a sad attempt to cover up my rowdy locks. Well no more.... next Tuesday I made an appointment at a fabulous hair salon in town and am going to regain control of my hair. I have been to this hair dresser before and she worked magic, so I am hoping that lightning strikes twice.

I have no idea what I am going to have done with it, but I signed up for highlights and a cut. I am feeling a little bit daring so I think I am going to hand over the reigns to the hair dresser and have her do what she will with it. And brace yourselves.... I am going to buy product. Perhaps a few different kinds! I don't EVER use product in my hair, but I think I might start doing it. I have not a clue as to what to buy or how to use it, but I am going to be honest with my hair dresser, explain my ignorance on the subject and be an absorbing pupil.

In other hair news, Republic Salon (the salon which I frequent) is now selling some of my hair accessories and jewelry. The owner reached out to me after seeing my article in the paper this last Sunday, and I am so happy she did! I am really looking forwarding to having my items there and I think that it is going to be such a great fit! So if you ever getting your hair 'did' at the Republic, look for my items near the register!

For anyone who is curious, that is me shaving my head for a cancer fundraiser in 2007. I highly recommend to everyone that they should go bald at some time in their life. Also, if you click here, you will be taken to my old blog where I wrote some impressive haiku's about being bald :)

December 12, 2010

No.... I am not Pregnant. Sorry.

Goodness.... I really need to get pregnant soon or I need to stop saying things which lead people to assume that I am pregnant. Things like, "Guess What" or "Hello!"

Anywho, today is a big day. I had a feature story published about me in the paper. Here is a link to the article....

I have been waiting for several months to announce to everyone about my top secret work with Anthropologie stores. In case you don't read the article (even though you totally should), here is a brief rundown... a buyer from Anthropologie contacted me about supplying their stores with 3,000 of my fabric flowers back in September. After much discussion and design alteration, the colors and styles for the flowers were finalized in October. They needed the flowers by the beginning of November, so I hired ten lovely local ladies to help me with the production.  After making 3,000 flowers in three weeks, I finally got them all mailed out. Three days later, they called me and asked for another 2,000 flowers by the end of November. Back to work we went! After weeks of little sleep and burned fingers, I finished the last of the flowers for them right around Thanksgiving. I am still recovering :)

Anywho, check out your local Anthropologie store and find my work there. I am very flattered to be included in their amazing collection of items and couldn't have picked a better venue for my work to be sold. Here are pictures of the flowers that are currently being sold by them.

Remember, don't forget to read the article and check out my stores on etsy! &

December 11, 2010

Bad Dreams

For about the past week, I have had some crazy dreams. The kind were you dream about going to school on the day of the final and then realize that you haven't been to class yet that semester. Those sort of wake up in a sweat, filled with anxiety dreams. Not to say though that there hasn't been a little bit of awesomeness here and there which may or may not include Don Draper from 'Mad Men.'

I think though that the reason that I have been so stressed subconsciously is because tomorrow, I am having an article published about me in the newspaper. From what I understand, it is going to be a pretty long article and will have a few photos of me and my work. I did an interview about 6 weeks ago with a lovely lady from the Athens Banner Herald and ended up talking for three hours. Over the course of that long conversation and with the weeks that have passed, I now have no recollection of what I said and I keep having dreams that I said terrible things! Like how I always want to pinch people's bottoms or that I secretly stash chocolate bars in my sock drawer <sidenote: I do not want to pinch people's bottoms and yeah, I have a bar or two of excellent chocolate in my sock drawer. Don't judge>.

This article is going to be about what I have just spent the last three months of my life working on. It is pretty awesome and I am super excited to finally be revealing it to the world! Definitely check the blog out tomorrow, because I will be posting a link to the article! <unless I find out I did say something terrible>.

PS...My husband and I signed up at church to buy Christmas items for a needy child through Salvation Army. We got a little 2-year old boy named Dontavious who needed clothes/shoes/socks/undies. I went to Target to buy these items the other day and my ovaries practically exploded! I swear I started ovulating right there in the middle of the baby sweaters. I contemplated buying clothes for my future children, but resisted the urge. And by the way....2 year old boy underwear is so freaking adorable!

Sweater from The Gap. If you wanted to buy it for my unborn children, I would be alright with that.

December 10, 2010

Best Blogger In The World

First off, I love my husband. Dearly. He is the sweetest, most wonderful man ever. But goodness gracious, when he gets an idea in his head, he doesn't let it go. At all. So here I am, back to blogging, since I am apparently the 'Best Blogger In The World.'  My husband is the biggest cheerleader ever for this blog and so after five months of silence, I am back in action on the world wide web. He puts this intense amount of peer pressure on me to blog and even comes up with blog ideas for me, but alas, I don't do them ever, so he brings them up again, and again, and again. So I have caved.

I, Ashlee, have declared that for the next three months, I will blog every darn day, so help me. Right now, I apologize for the inane comments, pointless observations and all around silliness that will be sure to occur. Now....on to the blogging.

I really appreciate that my husband finds me so hilarious. I think though, he finds me way more humorous than anyone else. He loves whenever we watch movie previews together and after the preview ends, I usually subconsciously give a one-sentence comment/review of the movie. Even though these statements are boring, not that insightful and probably have no merit whatsoever, he adores him. Reasons like these are why I love him so. But....he thinks that these reviews would be absolutely hilarious/fantastic idea on the blog. I disagree, but as stated earlier, he is an elephant and never forgets an idea. So here we go.... a brand new feature on my blog..... One sentence movie reviews!

Black Swan: "Despite the fact that Natalie Portman is my Arch Nemesis, I really want to see this movie."

Ta Da!!!!  I can already hear my husband giggling .....
Don't worry, I will make this blog better. Promise.
PS.... I had cuban food for the first time tonight and I think I am in love. My husband, grandmother and I went over to a friend's house for dinner and she gave us a 3-course home cooked cuban meal. And then hired a magician for after dinner. For reals. A real magician. Sweet!!
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