December 10, 2010

Best Blogger In The World

First off, I love my husband. Dearly. He is the sweetest, most wonderful man ever. But goodness gracious, when he gets an idea in his head, he doesn't let it go. At all. So here I am, back to blogging, since I am apparently the 'Best Blogger In The World.'  My husband is the biggest cheerleader ever for this blog and so after five months of silence, I am back in action on the world wide web. He puts this intense amount of peer pressure on me to blog and even comes up with blog ideas for me, but alas, I don't do them ever, so he brings them up again, and again, and again. So I have caved.

I, Ashlee, have declared that for the next three months, I will blog every darn day, so help me. Right now, I apologize for the inane comments, pointless observations and all around silliness that will be sure to occur. Now....on to the blogging.

I really appreciate that my husband finds me so hilarious. I think though, he finds me way more humorous than anyone else. He loves whenever we watch movie previews together and after the preview ends, I usually subconsciously give a one-sentence comment/review of the movie. Even though these statements are boring, not that insightful and probably have no merit whatsoever, he adores him. Reasons like these are why I love him so. But....he thinks that these reviews would be absolutely hilarious/fantastic idea on the blog. I disagree, but as stated earlier, he is an elephant and never forgets an idea. So here we go.... a brand new feature on my blog..... One sentence movie reviews!

Black Swan: "Despite the fact that Natalie Portman is my Arch Nemesis, I really want to see this movie."

Ta Da!!!!  I can already hear my husband giggling .....
Don't worry, I will make this blog better. Promise.
PS.... I had cuban food for the first time tonight and I think I am in love. My husband, grandmother and I went over to a friend's house for dinner and she gave us a 3-course home cooked cuban meal. And then hired a magician for after dinner. For reals. A real magician. Sweet!!

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  1. Magicians creep me out... they are better than clowns though. And Natalie Portman is my nemesis as well (only because I feel I am competing with her for my husband's love since I will never be Queen Amidala. But he assurs me that I am the only one for him.)


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