December 11, 2010

Bad Dreams

For about the past week, I have had some crazy dreams. The kind were you dream about going to school on the day of the final and then realize that you haven't been to class yet that semester. Those sort of wake up in a sweat, filled with anxiety dreams. Not to say though that there hasn't been a little bit of awesomeness here and there which may or may not include Don Draper from 'Mad Men.'

I think though that the reason that I have been so stressed subconsciously is because tomorrow, I am having an article published about me in the newspaper. From what I understand, it is going to be a pretty long article and will have a few photos of me and my work. I did an interview about 6 weeks ago with a lovely lady from the Athens Banner Herald and ended up talking for three hours. Over the course of that long conversation and with the weeks that have passed, I now have no recollection of what I said and I keep having dreams that I said terrible things! Like how I always want to pinch people's bottoms or that I secretly stash chocolate bars in my sock drawer <sidenote: I do not want to pinch people's bottoms and yeah, I have a bar or two of excellent chocolate in my sock drawer. Don't judge>.

This article is going to be about what I have just spent the last three months of my life working on. It is pretty awesome and I am super excited to finally be revealing it to the world! Definitely check the blog out tomorrow, because I will be posting a link to the article! <unless I find out I did say something terrible>.

PS...My husband and I signed up at church to buy Christmas items for a needy child through Salvation Army. We got a little 2-year old boy named Dontavious who needed clothes/shoes/socks/undies. I went to Target to buy these items the other day and my ovaries practically exploded! I swear I started ovulating right there in the middle of the baby sweaters. I contemplated buying clothes for my future children, but resisted the urge. And by the way....2 year old boy underwear is so freaking adorable!

Sweater from The Gap. If you wanted to buy it for my unborn children, I would be alright with that.

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  1. Great article!!! Your work is beautiful!! And, I agree, Target is THE place to find precious toddler clothes.

    BTW, I found your blog through your Etsy site.




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