December 12, 2010

No.... I am not Pregnant. Sorry.

Goodness.... I really need to get pregnant soon or I need to stop saying things which lead people to assume that I am pregnant. Things like, "Guess What" or "Hello!"

Anywho, today is a big day. I had a feature story published about me in the paper. Here is a link to the article....

I have been waiting for several months to announce to everyone about my top secret work with Anthropologie stores. In case you don't read the article (even though you totally should), here is a brief rundown... a buyer from Anthropologie contacted me about supplying their stores with 3,000 of my fabric flowers back in September. After much discussion and design alteration, the colors and styles for the flowers were finalized in October. They needed the flowers by the beginning of November, so I hired ten lovely local ladies to help me with the production.  After making 3,000 flowers in three weeks, I finally got them all mailed out. Three days later, they called me and asked for another 2,000 flowers by the end of November. Back to work we went! After weeks of little sleep and burned fingers, I finished the last of the flowers for them right around Thanksgiving. I am still recovering :)

Anywho, check out your local Anthropologie store and find my work there. I am very flattered to be included in their amazing collection of items and couldn't have picked a better venue for my work to be sold. Here are pictures of the flowers that are currently being sold by them.

Remember, don't forget to read the article and check out my stores on etsy! &


  1. Dad and I are sooooo very proud of you and your awesome achievements! You are officially an artista and the sky is the limit Bear!


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