July 2, 2010

Gardening, Round II

I can hardly believe three months has passed since I have blogged. Things have been so crazy and busy over in our household that blogging has been pushed to the side. Super quick updates....

1) The Husband and I moved from Washington DC, to Athens, GA

2) We do not live in a 500 sq foot home anymore, but rather a lovely house with my Grandmother-in-Law

3) My stepmom had a double mastectomy and is currently undergoing chemo until November

4) My Husband is helping his grandmother get elected to political office

5) My great-grandmother passed away at the age of 98

Obviously, a sentence doesn't do any of the above mentioned changes justice, but there will be times to go further into depth of each. Right now, I want to focus on my stellar garden and my awesome Husband who gave me my stellar garden.

Backstory.... when we first moved to Athens in the beginning of May, I desperately wanted a garden. Instead of sugarplums dancing in my head while I slept, I had swiss chard and eggplants twirling to and fro. I ended up getting a few pots and planting some cantelope, zucchini, squash, herbs and tomatoes. Over the next month and a half, almost all of my plants died because a) Georgia is hot and placing potted plants on concrete where the heat radiates back at them is bad and b) one needs to punch out holes in the bottoms of pots so the water drains (I didn't). After pouting about my failed gardening attempts for days on end, my sweet Husband dug up a spot in the backyard for me to properly plant and garden. The poor man had to use a machete to cut some big old roots in the ground and got blisters the size of quarters all over his hands from the shovel, but in the end, he declared it a labor of love :)

We bought more plants and planted them two weeks ago. I have already gotten to harvest some peppers (Serrano and jalapeno), despite the fact that I still managed to completely kill off my cilantro and cucumbers. Not sure what happened there, but you know what, I am growing one heck of a basil plant.

As you can see, since I am a true gardener, I must wear proper gardening attire. I learned all about proper gardening attire from my lovely Aunt Kerry who would always buy beautiful clothes and causally say, 'Oh, I'll just wear it to garden in.'

My lovely Husband watering my herbs. I was too afraid to transport them into the ground from their potted home, so they remain in their original home. Oh, and bask in the glory of my awesome basil plant. See how tall it is! Be jealous.

Here's a picture of one of my green bell peppers. This is for you mom!

My garden in all it's glory! Also, please ignore all the white patches around my garden. My sweet grandmother scattered her hair around my garden to keep the deers away. So far, no deer :)


  1. The garden is looking great... Diane

  2. The garden looks awesome!!! You also look beautiful!!!! The bell pepper looks like the work of the devil.....


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