November 27, 2011


I am definitely a jeans type of girl. In fact, I am an Old Navy, Sweetheart Style, Dark Wash, jeans type of girl. I swear to the high gods that from the time I hit puberty until I moved to Georgia last summer, I never ever ever wore a pair of shorts and dresses were for certain occasions (weddings and funerals).  This isn't because I disliked skirts and dresses but rather disliked my calves. As my grandfather once told me, 'You have stout legs because you come from a long line of potato farmers. They need to be thick so you can stand in the fields a long time.'

Awwww....exactly the words a 14 old girl wants to hear. I got older, I gained some weight and my legs never ever saw the light of day. I actually worked outside all summer in 2008 in Richmond, VA registering people to vote for 12 hours a day and wore jeans. That is how dedicated to the cause of hiding my calves I was. husband finally convinced me after we moved to Georgia that I might pass out if I continue to wear jeans in the summer (he also told me how cute I looked in dresses and skirts. A lot.)

Over the past year I have purchased a pair of shorts (a pair) and also invested in a few above the knee dresses from Old Navy. Even this last month I wore a pair of tights with a dress. Unheard of for me.

But as I keep running and losing some of the weight I gained after college, I am starting to get a bit more comfortable with my calves. They are still huge and I can't wear boots because I have never managed to find a pair to go over my calves, but....I am not quite as self-conscious as I used to be about them. Still don't enjoy them, but don't get terrified when they are not hidden underneath a layer of thick denim.

The point of all of this is to say that I am starting to look for cute dresses to wear and gosh darn there are a lot around. I never had any appreciation for them before and am now blown away by the absolute cuteness I ignored for so many years.

I absolutely love the details on the collar of this dress and the pale silk fabric looks so amazing.


The pastel combination of this whole outfit is so delicious. Total sherbert inspired.

I love the giant heart on this dress. Also, rust has never been a favorite color of mine, but she totally makes it work with the black tights and red hair.

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