June 20, 2013

Things I Am Loving...


Watermelon juice. 

I have been scooping up giant chunks of watermelon and plopping it in the blender and letting it whirl. 

Just watermelon. Nothing else and it is pure joy for my mouth.


Extra large pom-poms. 

I have been putting them on a new line of hats and they are bigger than a baby's head and so soft and fluffy.

Pom poms for everyone!!


My new phone. 

I am not a savvy person in the areas of technology but I am digging this phone. 

I had a smart phone before but I like this one much better. 
It is faster, sleeker and much easier to navigate.

Oh and it was only $175 and it comes with a no contract, $19 a month, unlimited talk/text/web plan. 

(more on our new cell plan in another post because I want to test it out for a few more weeks before I give you all the deets). 


♥♥ This necklace ♥♥

I love the plump, creamy pearl. 

I love the bright, solid sterling silver, lopsided infinity pendant. 

I try not to keep much of the jewelry that I make for myself because well...

It's not very good business sense is it?

Oh honey, what do you mean I can't keep all these pretty jewels? I have to sell them? What?!?!

But this necklace.....

This went straight to my stash. I wore it all day and checked myself out in the mirror a few times to admire it. 

But don't worry, I made some more for you. 

You can find it ♥ here


This song, music video and their dancing is currently my jam. 

Go on with your bad self Bruno Mars. 

What are you loving this Thursday? 

~ With Love, Ashlee ~ 

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