June 17, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans!


I spelled shenanigans right the first time I tried in my post title. I also spelled it right on the first try in that last sentence. 

I then just misspelled sentence. And misspelled. 

My reign of spelling things correctly is over. 

This weekend lived up to expectations, but we didn't end up doing everything that we had originally had planned. Laziness and sleeping in late got in the way.

Friday night we went to a book reading featuring my new favorite author Dan Kennedy at The Book Lady in Savannah.

He read a few pages from different sections in his new book. I learned about Dan Kennedy from the Moth podcast so it was really cool to see the face behind the man.

Or rather the face on the man. 

I loved his impromptu question and answer section at the end and he ended up reading about ten pages from his book which was all about the main character's brawl with his mediation teacher. Pretty ridiculous stuff. 

After hearing him read the story and learning that he did the voice work for the audiobook, I went ahead and bought the audiobook at audible.

We spent the evening walking around Savannah and listening to some musicians in one of the squares. 

Saturday was filled with sleeping in (not going to the farmer's market), attending an adorable production of 'The Frog and the Toad' at the Savannah Children's Theater and lots of knitting. 

I am working on a new project for a boutique in Colorado, so I got to pull out some of my cozy yarn that I don't get to use very often here in Georgia. 

I also watched this video....

And then attempted to make my own with Cooper ...

Sunday, I spent a few hours watching my husband build a roasted vegetable vegan lasagna and then I ate a lot of it. 

We also went out to dinner with my husband's parents to celebrate Father's day. 

There we presented him with a Father's Day card which had three separate wiener jokes all packed into one card. 

The jokes weren't quite as funny to them as they were to me while I was standing in Publix at 8am a few days ago. 

Hope everyone else had a great weekend as well!

~ With Love, Ashlee ~

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