June 7, 2013

High Five For Friday...sort of...

It's Friday which means I usually go into the five things that I am excited about today. But that's not going to happen this week. This post had a lot of potential but was derailed due to my own silly weaknesses.

Today started off with a lot of high hopes. I woke up with a little extra bounce in my step because today is National Donut Day! 

(that was going to be my #1 thing for this Friday)

I got up extra early so I could find the best donut place in town, buy a bag of donuts and scarf down some sugar, all under the guise of having material for my blog post today. 

Well....I found the best donut place in Savannah...

I bought some donuts....

And I scarfed down. 

And scarfed down. 

And scarfed down. 

 Guys.... I am not as young as I used to be. 
I went from super freaking excited about donuts to feeling like I may vomit up some sugar cubes real quick.

I don't mean to brag but back in my heyday, I used to be able to get down nine krispy kreme donuts in one sitting. 

No big deal. 

But today....I ate an apple fritter (not a donut per-say but in the donut family. It's the second cousin of donuts), two cinnamon sugar donuts and a smallish maple bar. 

I feel like poo. 

I talked to my mom on the phone earlier and she was very animated in telling me a story and I kept feeling like my brain was just going to stop or my heart was going to explode. 

I took over a 900 photographs of about a dozen new items this afternoon. I had to take so many photos because my hands were shaking so hard from the sugar buzz I've got going on. 

So National Donut Day...screw you! 

You made me weak and fall hard for your deep fried sugary goodness and now I may go into a diabetic coma by early evening.

So back to the beginning of this blog post....at the start of the day, I was excited about five things today...but now I am just hoping to make it through the day.

~ With Love, Ashlee ~

PS....Tomorrow I am going to be more responsible and only eat two donuts for breakfast.

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