June 29, 2013

High Five For Friday - Saturday Edition!

So guess who has two thumbs and writes a blog at 9pm on a Friday night?

This lady!

This photo was taken a few years ago at my first UGA football game. 
Go Dawgs!

My husband is currently enjoying the delicious food and drinks of Savannah with his co-workers while I sit at home lamenting the fact that I already ate the last of the ice cream earlier today.

But soon, yes soon, I will go and join him and we will enjoy the madness of Savannah on a Friday night together (and pick up ice cream on the way home. And wine. And beer). 

(Editor's note: It is now Saturday afternoon. Right after I typed that last sentance my husband called me to pick him up so now we have the 'High Five for Friday - Saturday Edition).


Friday was the last day of work for my husband at one of his summer jobs and he starts his next job July 8th. So for one week we get to enjoy the spoils of island living together!

I have already penned into our calender some sea kayaking, beach laying, bicycle riding, crabbing, spinning at the YMCA, boating, gallivanting around Savannah together and eating lots of ice cream.

I am very excited for our mini vacation together.


Yesterday I stopped by the Goodwill here and pursed their items. I don't buy clothes really ever (pretty much only when I am in Colorado with my mom) but I splurged yesterday and got a haul of new things for only $23.00.

Two dresses, two shirts, one skirt and one pair of jeans (for an upcoming DIY project).


I may or may not have beaten my husband's top score on 'Minon Rush.'



I finally figured out what all you young, hip people are talking about when you mention spotify.

You kids and your dang modern technology.

I now get to listen to all my pop music on repeat without making my husband's eyes bug out when he sees our Itune charges for the month.

I currently have these four songs on repeat...


I have always known I have a pretty cool mom, but I really just want to give a special shout-out to her right now because she has been especially awesome this week. 

I am a lucky kid that I get to have such a good looking, funny mom. 

She likes to stroke my ego by telling me that since I was so perfect as a child, she decided that she shouldn't bother having anymore children since they all wouldn't live up to the standard I set. 

I love the fact that since I am an only child I don't have to share her with anyone (except my stepdad, but he's cool, so I'm okay with that). 

One of the many reasons that she is cool is because she shows me photos of things she sees at work ...

She works as a code enforcement officer in a not so great area of Denver so she sees plenty of interesting things.  

She also shares status updates like these on facebook for everyone to see...

MOM - "My thought for the day....So...after all my thoughts about working out early.....I spent the entire morning wondering/ concerned why my new uniform shorts felt SO uncomfortable....I had to make a pit stop at the MLK building (where we keep our lunch in the fridge) and decided to use the facilities.....I discovered...and this may be tmi...that I had my underpants on BACKWARDS!!!! omg.....I am humbled."

MOM - "I asked my husband if he had planned an amazingly...wonderful....
weekend for my birthday....he just stared at me. I may need to kick his a$$....."

Did I mention that I get my good looks from her???

  My mom is on the left, her BFF is on the right.

So in conclusion....

Mom you rock!
Thanks for being so awesome and for making me feel incredibly loved this week. 

So that about ends this week's of 'High Five For Friday - Saturday Edition.' 
Better late than never I suppose.

 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

~ With Love, Ashlee ~

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