May 31, 2013

High Five For Friday!

It's been a few months since my last 'High Five For Friday' post despite the fact that I have been known to enjoy a Friday or two in the past. 

So here are my top five things I am excited about today...

1/ The Farmer's Market!

Tomorrow the husband and I are going to our first Farmer's Market of the season and 


Maybe its because we are pretty much vegans and love our veggies, maybe it's because I have an 'official' farmer's market dress that I only wear at one, or maybe its because I want an excuse to buy stuff.... but man oh man, I am stoked for tomorrow morning. 

We are visiting a new farmer's market that's big and supposedly has farmers selling out of their goods around 10:00am, so I am going to be there bright and early with my reusable bags, sun bonnet and smugness-in-hand, ready to buy local, organic food. 

And this is my farmer's market dress...

what...don't you have one?

2/ Exploring...

After the market we are going to go explore Savannah looking for possible neighborhoods we might like to live in once he is done with school next year. 

It's kind of weird to think we might be living permanently in Savannah this time next year, but I should be used to it now as we tend to be pretty mobile people. 

In the last five years we have lived in Colorado, Virginia, Back to Colorado, Washington DC, Athens Georgia, Atlanta Georgia, Decatur Georgia and maybe soon Savannah Georgia...

3/ The Beach

I already hung out on the beach for an hour earlier today, but I think it might be fun if we have a picnic and hang out at the beach on Sunday. 

John hasn't really had a chance to go the beach yet despite the fact we are currently living .5 miles away from it. 

And I refuse to go in the water without him standing by as my lifeguard. 

4/ Ice cream  

I will have some this weekend. 

Believe me, I will....

I went to Leopold's last week in Savannah after discovering they are the 5th best ice cream shop in the world. 

I found out this fact and within two hours I was experiencing their deliciousness. 

The long line at the shop was worth standing in, but next time I am not going with the Chocolate Raspberry Swirl (shown above). 

Thinking something nutty and with caramel next time.

5/ This weather. 

When we first moved to Georiga in early May three years ago, it was easily in the 90's every single day. 

I remember thinking at various outdoor events that there was no way I would ever survive the heat and humidity that summer. 

I easily lost my body weight in sweat that month. 

Now...82 degrees every day. 

Seriously....2013 May weather.... you rock. 

July....I know you are going to be extra awful to make up for May's laziness.

~ With Love, Ashlee ~

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  1. Your market dress is very nice. Butter pecan is my favorite ice cream.


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