May 2, 2013

My Expert Advice...

For the month of May, I am participating in the challenge proposed by the 'Story of My Life' blog. She wants us to blog everyday in May and gives us a topic for each day.

Today, I am supposed to give you all expert advice on something that I am knowledgeable about and I figured that there is nothing that I know best than how to be a good puppy mommy.

So here are all my top five tips for you puppy moms or expectant puppy mommy's.

1/ Make him do constant photo shoots when he clearly doesn't want to. He will thank you later for the adorable photos.
You get extra brownie points if you can incorporate costumes.


2/ Whenever he gives you this face....

give him whatever the hell he wants. 
That's just plain adorable.

3/ Let him give you puppy kisses whenever he wants.

4/ Be strict with rules like 'no puppies on the furniture' and 'no begging.'

5/ Take plenty of walks. 
Lots of walks with lots of sticks and lots of friends along the way.

So there are my five tips for you coming from me, clearly an expert. 
Also, I did just do a blog post with 19 photos of my dog. That's how I roll.

~ With Love, Ashlee ~

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  1. Love this post! She looks like my pup! :) I hear you on the no furniture thing. We swore we would never let her on our bed, or give her human food. Yeah, right. She has me wrapped around her paw!


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