May 6, 2013

What Makes Me Uncomfortable...

This weekend I was supposed to participate in the highly anticipated Indie South Fair in Athens, GA. Lots of rain, strong wind and chilly weather ended up making this a no-go for me. 

I sat with my husband in the parking lot of the craft show, after driving 1.5 hours in the rain, debating on whether or not we should set up. After about 40 minutes of talking, walking around to look at other vendor's set-ups and checking out how wet people's wares was getting, we decided to head back to Atlanta. 

It was a painful decision to make because so much preparation went into it, but in the end it was the right decision. We just couldn't risk ruining all of my inventory with the sideways rain and sudden wind gusts.

I drowned my 'too windy and rainy to set up at the craft show' blues with a glass of wine, a Chocolove bar and some pizza on Saturday and woke up yesterday with some sort of weird sodium hang-over. After not eating processed foods for a few weeks, a pizza really threw my body out of whack but gosh darn it, it was so delicious.

I am looking forward to another show this weekend and I now have a looooot of awesome new items to stock in retail places as well as on etsy. I am going to be taking photos all week of all the new items that I made and will be adding them in my etsy store throughout the week!

Here's to looking at silver linings!

With the weekend, I got a bit lazy on my blogging everyday in May challenge hosted by 'Story of My Life.' So here are of the things that I missed....

Friday - Things that make you uncomfortable

1/ Applying makeup to my face and lips. 
I totally got the eyes down and think that I do a fabulous job on them, but if I feel the need to apply concealer, foundation or lipstick, I come out looking like this....

 2/ Having to walk through a crowded restaurant where the tables are super close together. 
I always, always seem to hit people's heads/shoulders with my hips and butt when I am trying to navigate a crowded restaurant. 
I need whiskers on my hips because I always knock them into people/things. 

3/ Any kind of circus act.  
Just thinking about Cirque de Soleil makes me nauseous.  
Trapezee acts, knife throwing, contorchonists, motorcycles jumping through flaming hoops. 
I hate all of it.
I am certain that everyone is going to die that is in the circus and I am have to sit there and witness their death. 

 4/ Going to bed without socks on. I needs them on my feet to go to sleep and it just feels weird if I don't have any on. 

5/ Talking to strangers about my business. It seems like a small business owner should be able to talk to anyone/everyone about what they do, but I still get a little embarrassed and uncomfortable when I talk to someone in person about what I do. 
Email/blog/etsy - I am just fine, craft show - ahhhhhhh!

That's all I got for now. Any of these make you uncomfortable?
~ With Love, Ashlee ~   

PS... I finally figured out what was wrong with my email subscription link and bloglovin' feed. So if you tried to sign up in the past to get my posts delivered via email, you need to do it again because it didn't work the first time around. You will find the email subscription link on the right side of my blog, underneath my photo. 

 Also, my Bloglovin' is up and running, so follow me on there since Google Reader is saying good-bye!

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