May 2, 2013

My Life in 250 words or less ...

Born on ‘Christmas Adam’ in the Sunshine State. 

Won ‘Most Beautiful Baby’ award in a beauty pageant at age 1. 

Moved to Colorful Colorado. 

Lived in purple cowboy boots, oversized promotional liquor t-shirts and leggings. 

Spent hours combing my great grandfathers hair and eating the abundance of zucchini my great grandmother fed me. 

Painted everything that I could find with puffy paint. 

Decided that I wanted to be a multi-million dollar actress. 

Gave everyone handmade pot holders for Christmas. 

Got some bad haircuts. 

Wore tie dye overalls to middle school and lived to tell about it. 

Got grounded for spreading glitter over every inch of my mom’s house while making her a scrapbook. 

Wore red and khaki thanks to Target.

Went to college and discovered Indian food. And knitting. 

Never. Stopped. Knitting. 

Had a handsome stranger waddle over to me during a college basketball game. 

Became best friends with this handsome stranger and shared many late nights together which included Monopoly, bowls of mixed nuts and lots of laughing. 

Went to Africa for three months and started to realize how much more my best friend was than just a best friend. 

Best friend became boyfriend. 

Moved across country with boyfriend. Boyfriend became fiancée after a proposal on our air mattress.

Started selling jewelry on etsy on a whim as a fun project.

Fiancée became husband. 

I became self-employed with ‘My Sweet Nomsa.'

We became Southerners and adopted a black lab puppy. 

Law school for him, blooming business for me. 

I am joining up with 'Story of My Life' to blog everyday in May. 

Today's topic was to write about your life story in 250 words or less (mine is 249 if you are counting).

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