May 22, 2013

The Blog Post With Terrible Transitions...

See what I did there with that title? 
I played off of a popular book series, 'The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo.'
That's the kind of hip blogger that I am. Bringing in pop culture references a few years past its prime. 

And here begins my blog post featuring not so great transitions...


When I was like ten years old, I painted my nails a light blue thanks to a nail polish set from Limited II (wasn't this the best store ever? I shopped there pretty much exclusively during the ages of 9-12). I showed my dad my fabulous nails and he told me that he didn't like it and it looked like I was dead. 

Hence when at the age of ten, I learned that your fingernails turn blue after your die.

Well, this stuck with me for 20 years and I purchased some light blue nail polish again a few weeks ago and finally talked myself into it today.

I hate it and I can't help but think that I look like I am dead. I tried to take a few photos, but they are pretty bad. Not my nicest painting job, so no photos for you.

By the way, I feel like it is some sort of universal law that as soon as you paint your fingernails, you simultaneously have to go pee, get hungry for a sandwich and your puppy also has to go pee RIGHT NOW! I painted my nails and all of sudden, like some weird trifecta all three happened and I botched up my nails. It's cool though because I am taking this color off in like a day or two.


We have this semi random container of millet that we are trying to use up so tonight I made us a plate of millet topped with a 'cheezy' mushroom gravy

 Vegan friendly, pretty delicious but not so photogenic.

I swear there is millet in there underneath the mushroom gravy. 
We just like us some gravy okay?


I have been wearing my hair curly lately (as I talk about here & here) thanks to Miss Jessie's curl cream. 

Miss Jessie, call me already! I am so ready to be your spokesmodel!

I have decided that me and Shakira are going to bring back big, sexy, curly hair. 


Tonight after our millet feast, we went on a walk along the beach and took a few photos...


~ With Love, Ashlee ~
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