March 1, 2013

High Five For Friday!

Hey You! It's Friday! Hooray! I'm linking up with Lauren to share the five things I am pretty excited about this Friday.


This weekend the husband and I are doing part 1 of his birthday celebration! It's not for another week, but I have a special day planned and it had to be this Sunday due to scheduling constraints, so that's when we will pretend he is turning the big 3-0. 

I am wayyyy more overwhelmed by him turning 3-0 than he is. I keep staring at him and going, 'I can't believe you are turning 30. You're going to be like....30' And then he goes, 'Meh.' 

I can't even imagine the third-life-crisis I am going to have in three years.

His big birthday surprise has been just that. A surprise. As soon as I planned out his surprise, I asked him if he wanted to know. This was my way of asking, 'Hey Honey, you know that I can't keep a big surprise secret for very long, so can you please pretend like you want to know so I can tell you and not feel guilty about it not being a surprise?' He told me he wanted it be a surprise, more out of wanting to watch me squirm for a few weeks, rather than actually caring about having a surprise. 

I am t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e at keeping surprises to myself, and I figured out what we were going to do over a month ago, so I have been sitting on this damn surprise for way too long and I can not wait until we can all openly talk about how awesome his birthday gift was. 

I think on Sunday it is going to feel like I finally got to pee after holding it for far far too long.


This past Birchbox I got a sample of Miss Jessies Pillow Soft Curl Cream. Besides it smelling like a dryer sheet ( says that was what they were going for with the scent on the label) it is so fabulous. I have really wavy, fuzzy and poufy hair and this product actually gives me big, loose curls without making my hair crunchy. 

It is honestly the only product that I have ever used on my hair to make it curly that I actually like.

I went out and bought the full size of it from Target for $22.00 and I think I can make it last for about three months, so I consider the sticker shock to be worth it. 

(P.S. - if you don't do Birchbox and want to try this product, if you go to Miss Jessies website here, you can get two free product samples of any of their stuff. I really recommend it.)


Tonight we are hanging out with our 'little.' 

John and I have been doing Big Brothers, Big Sisters for a few months now and really love our little. Tonight he is coming on over, eating dinner and watching a movie with us. 

This is basically just an excuse for me to get to buy frozen pizza and watch 'The Lorax.'


My husband bought me a 'just because' present the other day and it arrived today. I had been wanting to read it for a while but I was number 387 (no joke) in the HOLD queue at the library so it was going to be a few years before I got it. Hoping to dive into it this weekend a bit. 


A new Indian food restaurant opened in town today and I am so excited. The hard opening was only today, but it is already getting rave reviews from a lot of trusted sources. 

Indian food is my ABSOLUTE favorite (besides the Olive Garden, Chipotle and Panera) so I think if I play my cards right, I might be able to go stuff my face with some saag paneer within the week. 

Hey husband, let's go get Indian food this week! Please?!?

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  1. I love reading posts like this, they always make me smile :)
    Thanks for posting :)

    Rachel @ AMomentInTime.


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