March 13, 2013

Blog Vomit

I haven't been around these here parts for a few days and have lots of little updates, but nothing that I could really write a whole blog post on. 

Also, I have been suffering from a serious case of insomnia lately and am taking matters into my own hands by drinking wine at a very early hour tonight in hopes of getting sleepy and not falling asleep at 4am and waking up at noon.

So...being coherent right now isn't easy thanks to my 'medication.' 

So here is my blog vomit. Everything that comes to mind....

1) The winner of the $25 blog giveaway was Liz Lorent! Congrats girl! Be sure to check your email soon for the giftcard!! Thanks so much to everyone who entered.

2) This past weekend was the husband's 30th birthday and it needed proper celebrating. I got to watch him play in a law school basketball tournament. If there is anyone who knows how to play basketball it is certainly a bunch of second year law students. 

We also ate until our belly's burst at various places around town (burgers, pizza, bbq). I literally can not fit into my 'fat' jeans right now due to our delicious/unhealthy/delicious diet as of late.

 Birthday's boy dinner. 
Grilled cheese buns, two fried eggs, 1/2 pound of sirloin, six slices of cheese, six slices of bacon.

3) Today I almost electrocuted myself. I was toasting some bread, chatting to my mom and noticed that for some reason that there was a rubber band in my toaster oven which was dangling down. I exclaim to my mom about my utter bafflement as to the rubber band's presence and proceed to jab a knife in and out of the toaster trying to retrieve it. After about a minute of this, my mom had enough sense to remind me to unplug it.

4) I feel like when I am walking Cooper around my neighborhood, I am just begging in my head that he doesn't do anything that makes me look like a jerk to everyone around. Cooper is a 75 lb black lab and adorable, so stinking adorable, but he is a total ass to walk. 

He loves to lunge at people/pets/squirrels. He has a big smile on his face, but still a strange big dog lunging at you is scary. 

 I spend half the time that we walk apologizing to anyone on wheels. 

'So sorry ma'am. He just seems to love your motorized scooter.' 

'It's okay little boy. My dog just jumped at you because you have such a cool bike.'

Cooper also pees like a girl so every time he pees it looks like he could be pooping. I hate that he does this because then I look like a big old jerk who doesn't pick up their dog's poo (which I am not) from people's yards. I really need to train him to lift a leg. 

5) I ate all the girl scout cookies in the house this weekend. No shame. 

6) I have six loads of clean laundry on my bed that need to be put away but I probably won't until tomorrow. Maybe even Friday. Please don't judge me. I just don't want to do it right now and it is a chore my husband doesn't do. 

7) During my late nights this past week, I finished and read 'Gone Girl.' I won't say much because I think this book is one of those that is better if you go into it not knowing too much of what it is about. I found it to be suspenseful and really had a hard time figuring out how it was going to end. I felt the ending was too quick, too neatly wrapped up and wanted that part to be extended a bit longer. I definitely would recommend this book though. It's one of those guilty pleasure/easy to follow reads. 

8) I went running today for the first time in two weeks. I ran 20 miles two weeks ago to the day and haven't moved since. Today's run felt like this...

I wouldn't recommend my training regimen if you are considering running a marathon anytime soon. 

I would recommend googling 'Fat kid running' though.

Blaugh. Vomit completed. 

~With Love, Ashlee~


  1. Haha, I feel you on the laundry thing! I may or may not have a giant pile of clean clothes on my bed right now...

    1. I still didn't do mine today. Definitely tomorrow.....more than likely tomorrow.

  2. I love the last photo! That's how I feel every time I run!
    I also just read your truths and a lie on the Life of Bon. Yay you for being a beauty queen at the ripe age of 6 months! Can't wait to read more. This blog vomit was awesome!


    1. Thanks so much Talisha! And when I saw that photo of the little girl, I felt like her and I were kindred running spirits.

      My mom likes to tell me I was built for comfort, not speed :)

  3. I really liked Gone Girl but hated the ending. I turned the page immediately looking for something... else. When there wasn't anything else, I googled Gone Girl and the author looking for some kind of sequel. Nothing! Boo


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