March 5, 2013

Target Gift Card Giveaway!!

It's no secret I love myself some Target.

What is there not to like about a place where you can get ...
1) a Starbucks beverage,
2) some laundry detergent,
3) some sensible flats,
4) a birthday card &
5) an oven mitt.

I worked there when I was 16 for a year and it was pretty cool. I had to work the cash register for a few months (not so awesome), but after the mandatory three months at the register, I put in a transfer request to grocery. There I got to organize the paper towels and cereal boxes for 4-6 hour shifts and let me OCD shine.

My life motto - 'Remember if it's not at a right angle, it's a wrong angle.'

Anywho...I love Target (pronounced Tar-jhay - btw). Who doesn't?

So, I have been getting some new readers around here and want to celebrate.

(please read the next few sentences in an Oprah voice)
Target for everyone!! Target for you! And Target for you! And Target for you! I love TARRRRRGETTTTT!!!

(back to Ashlee voice)
And by everyone, I mean one of you.

So enter in my giveaway and you can win a $25 gift card to Target for you to just go crazy with.

Want Taylor Swift's CD? It's yours!
Want a neon purse? It's yours!
Going to be sensible and buy groceries? It's yours!


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  1. Count me in! Who doesn't love Target?

    1. I know right? Totally the best for getting what you never knew you wanted.


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