March 14, 2013

Stupid and Confused


I am trying to become a real blogger over here but I am not there yet. I try to pretend that I am somewhat tech savvy since I have been running an online business for four years, but .... sometimes I am not. At all.

I just spend the last four hours trying to figure out how in the &$%#@ do you fix a broken link on a blog. 

Four hours folks.

Then I tried to read up on what all this Google Reader fuss was about. Should I be angry? Sign a petition? Go with Bloglovin'?

While doing that I realized that my 'Follow my blog via email' thingy (technical term) wasn't working and tried to fix that. So if any of you have signed up for my blog posts via email and haven't gotten anything...sorry about that. 

I am sometimes stupid and confused. 

I "think" that it is fixed, but I won't find out until 3-5pm EST tomorrow because that is apparently when my blog is updated?? 

Sigh...I don't know. 

I feel like this right now....


An adorable puppy with a stinky running sock covering his snout. 
(I can be a real jerk sometimes)

I opened up a package of beads last week from a new supplier to find them wrapped up in  an underwear catalog. This was one of those situations when I literally guffawed out loud. 

Can I just say that normally wrapping your supplies in old lady underwear catalog pages is bad, but in this case, I will definitely be back for more.

~With Love, Ashlee~

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  1. Haha! That's great. Unfortunately I've never had this awesome of packaging. ;(

  2. I feel ya, somehow a blog seems so complicated! I'm getting there one day at a time ;)

    oh and google reader is awesome, and i shall miss it! the end.

    Barnicles :)


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