March 8, 2012

That's a Wrap!

I totally get it now. 

I now know why designer Diane Von Furstenberg made a fortune creating the 'wrap dress.' Universally flattering and flaw hiding, it is pretty marvelous. I got my first one a few weeks ago from a consignment store and I am in love. 

Plus since it was 75 degrees here today and was my only dress that didn't need to be ironed, it was a must while running errands.

Outfit Details
Wrap Dress - Jessica Howard. Thrifted.
Shoes - Steve Madden. Thrifted.
Most Amazing Purse Ever - B Makowsky. Hand-me-down :)

Speaking of other things I totally get now....Florence and the Machine. I haven't really liked her that much, but I heard 'Shake It Out' for the first time on a podcast and obsession. 
This song is so hauntingly beautiful. 


  1. I love love my wrap dress! :-D You are soo right, so comfortable and so flattering!

  2. hahahah totally love the tittle of this post! (And your dress, of course)


  3. Those are some awesome thrift finds! Nice work! Nothing better than a good thrift day.

    Cute blog!

    Along Abbey Road

  4. Just found you through Scathingly Brilliant ... love your blog (new follower!). What a killer thrift find ... love that dress on you (the colors and fit are perfection) and your shoes are simply to die for :)



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