March 22, 2012

Spring Cleaning!

God. Doesn't the term spring cleaning just make you ill??
Me neither!!!

I love it and all the fun reorganizing, dusting and cleaning your walls that comes with it. I get a thrill when I bust out my Mr. Clean Magic Erasers and start scrubbing coffee stains off my cabinets (that is all my husband's fault fyi).

So to celebrate the spring cleaning season, I have two things to share with you. 

1) I have a lot of jewelry supplies. Like .. a lot, a lot. Every January when it is time for me to do my inventory, I curse at myself for two weeks straight as I meticulously count the tens of thousands of beads I have (no joke. Tens of thousands!!) So, I am trying to make a lot of jewelry right now to condense my stash. 

What does this mean for you?? 
Massive sale. MASSIVE. 

I am having a 15% off EVERYTHING sale right now if both of my etsy stores. It is lasting until Midnight on 3/28/12 and a lot of jewelry in my store is the last of that design. 

Click on the photos below and if you see something you like, grab it now because once it's gone, it's gone!

2) I am trying my darnedest to get reorganized and focused. I feel like lately I have had a lack of focus when it comes to my business (and life. Who am I kidding). So what helps one get focused?? 

That's right, a ginormous bulletin board!

Huzzah! Floral fabric, a flag bunting and pink everywhere! It's perfect.

So I thought that I would share how I made this guy and write out a little tutorial for you if you find that you need a little organization in your life as well. 

First, start off with a large size bulletin board and enough fabric to cover it all the way around each side with a few inches to spare. You also need some fabric pins.

Lay your bulletin board in the middle of your fabric with the back of the bulletin board and the back of the fabric facing you. Start folding and pinning your fabric to the back of the bulletin board. Go in with your pin with at least a 45 degree angle, and slide the pin in parallel to the bulletin board. You don't want the pin sticking through to the other side at all.  Go around all the edges and make sure the fabric is being pulled taut on all the way around.

 Easy peasy right? Now onto the fabric flag bunting. I made mine out of felt and yarn. I made a triangle shape out of cardboard and just started cutting bunches of triangles out of various colors of felt. Once I had enough triangles I laid them all out to decide on my color pattern.

Once the pattern was decided on, I laid my triangles out in a row, and applied a small strip of fabric glue onto the back, just near the top. I then pressed my yarn into the glue. I just keep doing these two steps until my bunting was enough to wrap around the sides and the top of the bulletin board.

Once it was the right length, I just stick it in place with a few pins. 

After I finished with the main construction of the bulletin board, the rest was easy!

 I divided my board into three sections with little bits of yarn pinned to the board. I also made headers for the different sections with various pieces of felt and paper. Lastly, I cut up strips of cardstock to use as the notes for my board. I can just write down what I have to do, pin it to the appropriate section and viola! 

Well....I still have to actually do the things I wrote down, but at least the tasks look beautiful in their new home. 

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