March 27, 2012

General Updates

A few things...

1) Thanks so much to everyone who helped me decide on a ring. We seem to share the same taste as most of you liked my favorite ring as well.

I bought this beauty earlier tonight...

In a few weeks I am going to be waving my hand all in the air and making all the boys sad that I am taken. 

2) I have been slowly updating/fixing up my blog. I am learning html code and what-not for it, which is totally not my thing, so it is a little slow going at times. Keep your eyes peeled for small changes that I introduce over the next few weeks. 

Something that I have finally finished is my 'About Me' and '52 in 2012' sections at the top of the blog. 

If you want to learn more about me, check out the 'About Me' section for some facts about me and my family. 

I also created a '52 in 2012' tab which has 52 things I want to accomplish in 2012. Since I am just getting this list up and going this week, I have to do double-time for a few weeks to get caught up. This week I am hoping to accomplish...#44 & #51.

3) Over the past three days, I have watched Season 1&2 of 'Toddlers & Tiara.' 
(Curse you Netflix!!)

Besides having my husband think less of me because of this, I have also had my brain start to ooze out of my ear. This here is an actual quote from an episode today...

Pageant Director (talking to camera): "For the swimsuit competition we have girls in both one and two piece bathing suits. We don't allow thongs because really none of them would be able to pull it off. You really need to have a perfect body for a thong and none of these girls have that."

Cue head explosion and me staring jaw-dropped at my computer screen. 

Yet I still watched another five episodes, hating myself every minute of it, yet loving it. 

Btw...doesn't TLC have the best reality TV shows? Can I get a what, what for any fans of 'Sister Wives?'

4) Tomorrow is the last day of my spring cleaning sale, so head on over to each of my stores to check out what I've got going on. I have been adding new items like a mad woman, and some of them are pretty darn awesome!

**Click on the above photos to be taken to the stores**

Here are some of my new items...

**Click on any of the photos for more information**

Have a great night everyone!!

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