March 25, 2012

DIY: Summer Wreath

With all the 85 degree weather that we have been having lately here in Atlanta, I figured that it was finally time to retire my winter wreath and put up a spring/summer one.

Check this baby out...
Things I love about it.... 1) Pink everywhere. 2) Butterflies everywhere. 3) My husband thinks its silly.

I thought I would share how I went about making my wreath, in case you wanted to make one of your own!

Felt sheets. I used 1 in each of the following colors (red, purple, light pink, fuchsia, yellow)
Glue Glue & Sticks. I went through about six sticks.
Wood Wreath (Joanns. $2.50)

Alright, so first cut your felt into strips. Remember in elementary school when you they told you to cut 'hamburger or hotdog' style? Well, cut the strips hamburger style (i.e. across the 8.5 inch length of the felt sheet). I did my strips about .5 inches wide. No ruler or guideline, just eyeballed it. Cut up all of the sheets of fabric this way. 

(The thicker or smaller you cut your strips, changes the height of your flowers. Want shorter flowers? Cut smaller strips. Taller flowers? Cut wider strips.)

 Now that we have all of our felt strips, we are going to make a felt flower rosette. 

1) Start with one strip and place a thin line of glue at the top. 
2) Fold the fabric over on itself, so the glue is covered. 
3) Start rolling the fabric between your fingers, making it bigger.
4) Once you reach the end of the fabric strip, place a small line of glue at the end of the fabric.
5) Press down to close off the flower. 
6) If you want to make it bigger, put a small strip of glue of glue on the flower where the last strip ended.
7) Add another felt strip to the flower, as close as possible to the previous strips end.
8) Keep rolling and gluing until you get the size of rosette you want.

 I made my flowers with either 1,2 or 3 strips of felt. I tried to create a hodge podge of colors and sizes.

  Once you have all your flowers made, comes the fun part. 
Massive glue-gunning. 

Coat the entire back of the fabric flowers in glue and just start sticking. 

Go glue-gun wild! 

I tried to not have any of the same color flower touching and tried to vary the sizes that were next to each other, but go crazy and do your own thing!

Lastly, add some more flair if you want to. I had some feather butterflies left over from a project a few years ago, so I just applied some glue on the back and stuck them onto the wreath wherever it pleased my heart. 

If you want your own feather butterflies, you can find them here.

Once you are done gluing, hang up your wreath and marvel at the color explosion that now covers your front door (despite your husband's dismay). 

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