March 7, 2012

Starry Nights

Growing up, my father took me camping just about every other weekend during the summer in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. 

Laying outside in the warm summer air, staring up at the Milky Way, hundreds of miles away from city lights, I never felt more in touch with the universe. 

As a child, I feel in love with the stars and use to talk to them each night from my bedroom window, pretending that they were angels, directing my messages to God. 

I have laid down all across this world, looked up and talked to the heavens, sending my small voice in its direction.

As a full fledged adult and city dweller, I still find myself in awe whenever I happen to be away from the city and staring up at the sky.

 I also still whisper a few words to any of the angels listening above. 

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  1. Ashlee, thank you so much for your generosity in featuring my painting" Distant Light" in this wonderful collection...

  2. Magical! Thank you so much for having my pendant along!

  3. Thank you for including our skirt!!

  4. What a lovely blog you have! Thank you so much for including my ring!


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