March 23, 2012

High Five For Friday!

So...I love this blog - From My Grey Desk - and I thought that I would link up them for a new segment I am planning on doing each Friday on my blog, 'High Five For Friday.'

It is going to be where I share five things I am excited about on Friday. 
Five exciting things...HIGH FIVE....get it, get it? Hardy hardy har. 

Alright, enough with the jokes, lets get started. 


  Alright, probably ALL of you are sick and tired about everyone, everywhere talking about this movie/book series. I get it. I totally do. When Twi-Hards start going nuts every October/November for the newest movie, I get a little cranky and pompous talking about how silly those books are. I usually avoid the latest book craze like the plague 

(I am just starting the whole Harry Potter series now. I know, right? I am about 10 years behind the curve on this one). 

But for real guys, I liked the Hunger Games a lot and am pretty pumped about it. I didn't think though that I was going to see it anytime soon with it being sold out everywhere and my husband studying all the time for law school. It seems to appear though that I pretty much have the sweetest husband in the world because this morning he bought me tickets for the movie today. 
Hip Hip Hooray!!

2) This superhero...

I love springtime in Georgia, but the pollen action that is currently going down here is ridiculous. Atlanta (and the south in general) is having one of the most pollen producing springs on record, and the apartment complex that we live in seems to be ground zero for this action. 

After about a week of procrastinating, I finally went to the grocery store at 7am this morning after getting zero sleep due to congestion and picked up a 30 day supply of this wonder drug. It's only been a few hours since my first dose and I can actually function again. 

Thank you Claritin, thank you.

3) These shoes...

If I didn't have to eat this month, I would love to purchase these shoes. Pretty sure though I would injure myself, my husband or my puppy if I owned these. 

4) This commercial...

Around the :15-16 mark, you see a little blond girl sitting at a table, dancing with her arms in the air. She is totally the doppelganger for my little niece. Every single time they show this on Hulu, I freak out and exclaim to whoever is around (usually my puppy) how much that looks like Ella. 

5) Jessie J's Curl Cream

I received this hair cream in my Birchbox this week and I am in love with it so far. I have only used it twice, but it is the best stuff that I have ever used to help my curly hair stay curly and not crunchy. I have to use a lot since my hair is so thick, but once my deluxe sample is done, I will probably buy some more (despite the $32 price tag. Yikes!)

If you don't know what birchbox is and want to find out or you want to sign up (you should, it is only $10 a month and super awesome), click here for more info!

So those are the five things I am loving today. Link up at 'From My Grey Desk' and share what you are digging today!

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