March 30, 2012

High Five For Friday

Happy Friday Everyone!! I am linking up with Lauren at the 'From My Grey Desk' blog to feature five things that I am excited about on this wonderful Friday!

1) The Third Harry Potter Book!

So I am finally reading the Harry Potter series! I read the first few books when it first came out, but I never finished the series, so I have made it a point not to watch the movies because I wanted to read the books first. 

This has been much to the annoyance of my husband who has wanted to watch the movies for years, but I won't watch them or allow him to watch them (cuz I am mean like that) until I read all of the books. So he is pretty happy that I am finally reading the series and I just got the third book in the mail today. Hooray!

2) Titanic ..... in 3D!!

Near...........Far..........Wherever You Are...........

I was in 6th grade when this first came out and I definitely caught Leo fever because of it. I remember buying some photo/fan book about him at Walmart afterwards and learning all sorts of creepy facts (his birthday, favorite foods, etc). 

I also wanted to watch every movie he had made after watching him as 'Jack' on screen and discovered that he wasn't sexy in every role before Titanic (What's Eating Gilbert Grape, people). 

My husband has already let me know that he has no intention of watching this with me, so I am contemplating going by myself to the movies on Wednesday and being the weird chick watching Titanic in 3D by myself. 

I found this blog this past week and I am in love with it. The author is super funny and personable. 

Check out her recipe for 'non-mayo chicken salad.'

4) The etsy store...'The Wheatfield.'

Seeing how much time I spend all day working on the computer and on etsy, I can not believe that I am just discovering this amazing artist now. 

Her aesthetic fits perfectly with mine and I would love to have an entire wall filled with her bright, cheery designs. Find her artwork here... TheWheatfield

5) Ginnifer Goodwin's Hair

I am so in love with Ginnifer Goodwin's hair. It is the perfect blend of sexy and cute. I wish when I had really short hair I had played around more with hairstyles.

I am trying to convince myself, not to chop it all off in this style, but with the Georgia heat, it is so tempting (Mom....I already know you will say no).

 Those are my favorite things today!

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