July 19, 2013

That time I woke up at 3:30am...

Our Atlanta early morning news show (11Alive Atlanta) had a special episode this week where they came to Decatur, GA and showed all the awesome things that we have to offer.

Like me!

One of the boutiques that I sell at (Homegrown) was asked to be featured on the show so myself, the owners and three other artists showed up to promote the crap out of our store's goods to anyone watching TV at 5:20am.

Let me just tell you.....the day started eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

3:30am is an ungodly hour and when the alarm went off, in my sleepy haze, I apparently squeezed my husband's butt repeatedly until he got out of bed to shut the alarm off.

A girl's got to get her kicks in somehow :)

Anywho, at 4:40am we arrive on the set looking all fine and ready for our big TV debut.

BTW...please excuse the quality of these first few photos. It was 4:40am for goodness sakes and we don't operate well at that time.

There was plenty of lights, cameras and random groups abound. We had gymnasts, a taekwondo group, plenty of little girls dancing, a finalist from this season's of America's Got Talent, bacon donuts and some creature/mascot called 'Bookzilla.'

Our little segment aired around 5:20am and I got to model some of my jewelry for all the television viewers and even though I was on air for about a minute.....

I nailed it.

When deciding what to wear yesterday, I am glad I made the strategic decision to wear the brightest clothes I own. You can't miss me in any of the photos or videos online. I am that one girl who is constantly smiling and wearing a neon yellow top. Genius on my part.

I then spent the next two hours being 'that girl in the back of every shot who is holding two stuffed animals.'

Again....nailed it.

All in all, it was a really fun morning and I loved getting to see all the behind the scenes action that went into the morning show.

Also, we got to take our photos with some of the hosts who were as nice as could be.

Aren't the two owners of Homegrown just adorable (they are the two short ladies in front)!?!

I am trying to find a video of when one of the owners talked on the air and I grinned like a goon behind her, but alas no luck. Hopefully in a few days I can find one.

Since I was dressed and out of the house, we decided to snap some shots of me not wearing yoga pants for once.

And hell yeah, I totally tied my shirt like my mom did when I was in second grade.

My husband directed me to pretend to pick his nose.

Call me Vogue!!

Dress - Old Navy / Shirt - Old Navy 
Earrings - My Sweet Nomsa / Bracelets - My Sweet Nomsa

So that was what I did all before 7:15am today. We promptly came home, took ourselves a nap at 8:00am and I squeezed my husband's butt until he woke up.

~ With Love, Ashlee ~

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