July 24, 2013

Being On A Schedule

Dear people who read my blog and spam robots, 

I am so tired right now. 

For the first time in my four years of being a self-employed business woman, I am trying to follow a schedule. 

You see part of the romance and intrigue of being able to work from home means being able to do whatever I want, whenever I want. 

Answer customer emails at 11pm...sure!
Look at a dog shaming website for an hour because its 10am....okay!
Stay up until 2am working because you procrastinated a project....why not!
Have a not wearing any pants day....you bet!

But this whole 'doing whatever the hell I want' thing has kind of hit a fork in the road. If I want to keep growing my brand, keep expanding my business and well frankly....eat food and have shelter....I need to step it up. 

I need to be a bit more focused. A bit more driven. And a bit more productive. 

In comes my SCHEDULE. 

Dun dun dun. 

My husband and I sat down last week, talked about what my goals for the week should be, what my priorities were, what deadlines I had and then I took all 4526451346 items on my to-do list and put them into 7 incredibly jam-packed days. 

The very first day I started getting stressed and kept finding myself shouting to the puppy, 'AHHHH, I am off my schedule!' 

Lunch time became eat/work/eat/dribble food all over my desk/work time because I needed to multi-task. 

All week I frantically moved from task-to-task, trying to stay decently on top of things and failing terribly. 

When I made my schedule for this upcoming week, I vowed to allot more time for tasks, to better grasp how long it 'actually' takes for me to do things and not just use the imaginary figure of time I have in my head. 

You guys....here it is Wednesday at 10:30pm and I am still doing Monday's stuff. My blog post today was supposed to be about knitting inspiration from around the web...

but the best I can do tonight is show you a photo of a hat that I wish I was working on right now. 

My brain isn't really functioning and I did about ten different endings to this blog post and none of them felt right. So...

good night!

~ With Love, Ashlee ~ 

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