July 22, 2013

Running A Marathon - Round Two

Well....it somehow happened again. 

I was on a walk with my husband about a month ago and mentioned that I had been toying around in my head the idea of running another marathon. 

The last one was only one of the worst/best experiences of my life, so I am a sadomastic I guess.

My husband is pretty passionate about running and before I knew it, I had a marathon training plan in my inbox (without even asking for one), courtesy of my handsome runner.

My first run was only three miles, but it was such an emotionally and physically exhausting run. I literally hadn't run...like at all....since the marathon in March. 

Running for the first time in three months in 100% humidity in the beginning of July doesn't add up to the best run of my life.

This was all the smile I could possibly muster.

But after running for three weeks now....it is getting a little bit easier. Just a little bit. 

I have trying to be more positive on my runs and not just focus on how much I dislike running or how tired I am, but on how I am able to physically do this and that I actually put on my shoes and got out of the house. 

I have had some really fun runs these past few weeks (a sentence I never thought I would write in my life).

Two weeks ago on my long run for the week, the sky opened up about two minutes after I left the house and a torrential downpour occurred for 15 minutes. I was running along this crazy busy road, had cars splashing water on me and was absolutely drenched. I could hardly see I had so much water streaming down my face. The rest of the run was spent puddle hopping around the island and slowly drying off. 

It was probably my most enjoyable and fun long run ever (seriously...who have I become?).

This last week on my long run, I had to go 11 miles and I left the house around 11:00am. That is a pretty late time to start running in Georgia in July, but I figured that I would run slow, drink plenty of water and not worry about my pace. 

And maybe....just maybe....I was thinking I could use the heat as an excuse to not run all 11 miles.

By the second mile, I was needing to walk every few minutes, I was pouring sweat and honestly started to become worried about heat stroke. 

After running/walking for the first 7 miles, a big storm started brewing and the temperature started dropping fast. It was such a weird sensation to start running when it was sunny and 90 out and feel the temperature suddenly drop about 15 degrees in 10 minutes. Definitely made the last three miles incredibly enjoyable and I finished up with a decent pace just before the rain started falling despite walking so much the first half. 

I am hoping that with this marathon training, I don't gain weight like last time. 

I may have been the first person in the history of the universe who has gained weight while training for a marathon. 

Since I was running so much, I rationalized to myself that I could eat whatever I want. 

Um....definitely not the case.

My legs got even bigger and I got a belly. 

(Sidenote: after the marathon in March, we went to our favorite burger joint and I gobbled up a cheeseburger with bacon, lots of fries and sweet tea, followed by a BLT with avocado on it at home. 

Home girl don't joke around when it comes to eating). 

Since readopting veganism in March and eating fairly clean, I am down about 10 lbs. I would obviously love to not gain weight while running so I am trying to learn how to balance fueling my body for running long distances while not over eating. 

Gosh darn it though, I just love to eat!!

Since starting running three weeks ago, I notice my legs have gotten tighter and I have lost 2-3 pounds, so here is hoping that I stay along this trajectory. 

Well...I guess that this officially means 'Marathon Monday's' are going to be a frequent occurance on my blog.

Anyone else want to run a marathon with me? 

~ With Love, Ashlee ~

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  1. I'm really hoping to run a marathon in the spring, but I'm just going to have to see how training for a half or two this fall goes before I pull the trigger. Also, I can never make myself run in the rain, strong work. Lastly, I hear a lot of people gain weight during marathon training partly because like you said, I mean if I ran 15 miles or 20 or what have you, I'd sure as heck eat what I wanted. But also because you put on some muscle too with all that training.

    Can't wait to hear how all your training goes!

    1. Hey Ashley!

      Over the past three years I have run three half marathons (about one a year) and if it wasn't for my husband who has aspirations of being an ultra-runner (running for distances longer than 26.2 miles) I don't know if I ever would have actually pulled the trigger. And I am hoping....(fingers crossed) that I don't gain weight this time around. I have changed my diet drastically, so no more bacon cheeseburgers after every run will hopefully help :) The weight definitely wasn't muscle but a potbelly (or cheeseburger belly I guess)!

  2. You are amazing! I've re-adopted running with my Weight Watchers habit and found it helps, but I only run 2-3 miles a day. My goal is to run a 10K next summer. (Hopefully the peachtree if I can get in a qualifying race to get a time!) Running is amazing. I love the feeling my body gets after I run and yeah, it's hard not to overdo it when you get back and are like, I ran, I can eat! Weight Watchers helps with that, making sure that you balance lean protein with carbs and fiber. I'm not sure I would do the vegan thing while training for a marathon, though. But you have to listen to your body.

    1. That's awesome Jennifer! I have never used WW but have heard so many good things from people. This will be my first time training while being a vegan and I am curious to see how it goes. I grew up a vegetarian so I think my body is naturally adapted to not really process meat well, so I personally feel better when I avoid it (even though I will always...always...have a deep love of bacon). I don't know what I am going to gorge on though after I finish up this longer 17-20 mile runs. Coming home and eating a big plate of beans doesn't sound quite as appealing :)


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