July 17, 2013


Reading: I just finished reading Lauren Oliver's 'Before I Fall' this past weekend and really enjoyed it. It's kinda like a version of Groundhog Dog minus Bill Murray but with 'the popular' kids, plenty of teenage angst, some self-awareness and growth for the characters, and a little bit of puppy love. I am currently on the waiting list at the library to start Lauren Oliver's Delirium trilogy. I have heard so many good things about this series and I am trying to use the power of my mind to will everyone in line before me at the library to read faster.

Listening: I have been using spotify more and more and started using their radio stations on it. I have actually discovered a lot of new music this way and have had these three songs on repeat for the past week.

No interruption by Hoodie Allen on Grooveshark

Down With the Trumpets by Rizzle Kicks on Grooveshark

And We Danced by Macklemore on Grooveshark

I am the type of person that can listen to one song over a hundred times in a row (hello Lana Del Ray!) when I become obsessed with it. These three songs have been on a constant loop and I don't see it stopping anytime soon. 

Working On: I have been trying out a new jewelry medium the past few weeks and have been getting a lot of great response.

I use knitting needles as the base and then hammer, stamp and mold them into bracelets. I got a whole bunch of needles yesterday and plan on working on them for a few hours today and will have them available in my etsy store on Thursday. 

It's always so satisfying creating something new. This project has been a great burst of creativity and self assurance for me. 

Feeling Thankful For: I have been mentioned it a few times around here lately, but I just need to say it again. My husband's family is really awesome. Here I am, a mountain girl at heart, transplanted to the South and they have been nothing but warm and inviting to me and all have opened up their homes to us whenever we need one. They have taught me to enjoy collard greens and sweet tea, that you should definitely have ice cream and wine every night and that nothing is better than talking and laughing while in recliners.

We lived with his grandmother for eight months when we first arrived in Georgia and now his parents for two months and I have nothing but lots of love for them all. 

Thanks for making me a part of your family.

Loving: We are pet sitting this week for some friends and this dog just so happens to be Cooper's girlfriend, so he is happy to have her around. 

She also is a little cuddle bug so last night I sneaked her on the bed even though we have a new 'only one dog on the bed policy.' 

Shhhh....don't tell John.

Watching: We just started watching the HBO series 'Six Feet Under.' 

John has already seen it, but enjoyed it so we are watching it together.

I am really loving the character development already and can Michael C. Hall be any better of an actor??

Eating: I am about to head out to the grocery store and I have a big kale salad with this vegan cilantro lime dressing planned for lunch today.

Training: So I have commited myself to running another marathon this year. After the one in March, I thought that I wouldn't do it again. I checked it off the list and was not at all wanting to do it ever again.

But as time passed, I found myself thinking about doing another one this fall. After some talking with John, we both decided to do another marathon in late October here in Atlanta. I don't know if training for a marathon during the summer in Georgia is one of my better ideas, but I am sure to lose a little bit of water weight.

 John took this photo two weeks ago after my first run in almost four months. I look pissed off, but I was just exhausted. Promise.

So that's what I have been up to. What about you??

~ With Love, Ashlee ~

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