February 8, 2012

Today I....

Today I...

* Woke up to a puppy licking my toes
* Drank two big glasses of this for breakfast
(An apple, an orange, a banana, cup of strawberries, cup of carrots and a few handfuls of spinach)

* Threw a stick and kicked some pine cones around a parking lot for the puppy
* Downloaded Flo Rida's 'Good Feeling.' Proceeded to listen to it over 10 times and shake my booty around the apartment each time.
* Lusted after these shoes for far too long

* Decided I want to do the Empire State Building run in the next few years.
* Was delighted by having my husband come home six hours earlier than usual.
* Sat in the late afternoon sun and ate some chocolate chips while my husband talked to me about 'water rights' and 'easements.' Law school stuff.
* Googled 'How to kill fruit flies.'
* Moved from my usual work station at my desk to the couch. Never done this before and might need to make the couch a regular working location.
* Cuddled with this guy

* Got my weekly sodium intake via edamane doused in a beyond healthy serving of sea salt.
* Grunted and winced to my girl Jillian Michaels. No more trouble zones, here I come.
* Shared a few sweet kisses with my husband.
* Edited over 1,000 photos and made my eyes get all blurry.
* Laid all my nail polish out of the floor (all 47 bottles) and decided I need more. Light pinks and teal and plum and canary yellow.
* Squeezed a few balls of yarn. Wooly goodness warms my heart.
* Was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the movie 'Hanna.'
* Worked on my sweater for a few hours. Basked in its olive green glow.* Watched my puppy watch my husband eat a pound of hamburger meat and a box of hamburger helper.

* Said goodbye to any free time. Finally started using Pinterest.

What did you do today?


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