February 16, 2012

Baked Beans

My husband is an intelligent man who is fully capable of taking care of himself. He is a smarty pants law student after all.

But.........before we started dating and were just friends, I did walk in on him once eating cold baked beans straight out of the can. 

(How very bachelor of him).

So whenever I am going to be out of town for a few days (Hey Mom! Can't wait to see you soon!) I tend to over-prepare my husband for my absence. 

Just so he doesn't wander around for a few days in the same clothes eating baked beans. From the can.

Today was filled with making extra laundry detergent so he can wash his clothes. Not that he needs to since I made sure he has a three week supply of underwear and socks. 

I made him a casserole to eat this weekend (I know. How domestic of me). I made all sorts of salads (tuna, egg, vegetable) and prepared snacks for him for when he studies. 

I did the dishes, vacuumed, washed the sheets, mopped the floors, scrubbed the toilet and cleaned the walls. 

You would think I was leaving my husband for longer than five days by how thoroughly I have prepared him for my departure. He has everything cleaned, cooked and ready to go for him. 

And not a can of baked beans in the house.
I wanted to show you a picture of him doing something awesome (i.e. building all our Ikea furniture), so you don't think he is a good for nothing :)

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