February 17, 2012

Living Room Inspiration

1. Hairbrainedschemes on etsy / 2. ellemoss on etsy / 3. floresdelsol on etsy
4. SweetlyYours on etsy / 5. BobbieLouFabric on etsy / 6. MaryMarieKnits on etsy
7. Seaandasters on etsy / 8. AllThatGlittersWraps on etsy
9.SassAndPeril on etsy / 10. Decorate23 on etsy

Our apartment is pretty unfurnished decorations wise. For as much as I like creating things and doing things around the home, I just can never get myself to commit to any interior design items. I would rather go two years without curtains, than have curtains I am not absolutely in LOVE with (silly, I know). Also, if I could just coat everything I own in lace and floral print, my apartment would have been decorated months ago. My husband has this thing though about pink flowers being on everything.

After over a year of searching, I have finally decided on the perfect color scheme for our living room. Gray and mustard yellow. We have a dark bluish/gray couch and all our furniture is black (holla Ikea!) so finding something bright and cheery, but not feminine, that would go well with our furniture was a process.

 I have been scouring etsy and pinterest trying to find the right fabric for curtains (I am going to sew my own) and other decorating knick knacks. Above, I put together a collection of some of my favorites that I am hoping to add to my little apartment over the next few months. The bottom right photo (#10) is the top contender for my curtain fabric. 

What do you think?


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