February 19, 2012

Say Yes To The Dress...

Hanging out with my mom is the best. 
I woke up this morning to a dozen donuts, a cup of espresso and a 'Say Yes To The Dress' marathon. 

Watching all this brides trying to find the 'Dress' for their wedding, made us remember my wedding dress hunting experience. I wasn't sure what I wanted. I was thinking maybe lace, body-hugging and an antiqued ivory color. The sales consultant pulled a few with those requirements, but they didn't do the trick. My mom had a vision in her mind of what I should look like, pulled one that she liked and that was it. I put it on, and we realized that it was perfect for my curves, had sparkles and very princess-like. It was also on sale (last season and the sample dress), didn't need to be altered and we could walk out with it (my wedding was just over a month away). It was perfect. 

When looking at my wedding photos this morning, I found some old photos from high school and college of me in some of my prom and homecoming dresses. I thought I would include some of them for your amusement. I apologize for the quality. Most of them were scanned to my computer years ago, so they are a bit pixel-y. 

Homecoming - Freshman Year (2000) 
You are seeing photo documentation of my first boy/girl dance ever. 

 Sweethearts Dance - Junior Year (2003) 
I absolutely hated my hair, and didn't care too much for the dress either. 

Homecoming Dance - Senior Year (2003)
I wore this same dress to my homecoming dance sophomore year and an RA banquet in college. It was one of my favorite. 

Sweethearts Dance - Senior Year (2004)
I did my hair myself, and it seriously took like four hours to curl it all. Never again. 

 Prom - Senior Year (2004)
My boyfriend went to a different high school, so I wore the same dress to each of our prom's, just switching up the hair-do. The first two are my prom, the bottom is his. The middle picture is of me at the Boulder County Jail (where my mom worked). She had to work that day and couldn't see me in my dress, so our group stopped by the jail and took a tour of it in our prom garb. 

Certainly memorable. I don't think too many people can say they went to jail on their prom.

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