January 1, 2012

I'm a sucker for resolutions...

It's true. I have a weakness for New Year's Eve and the hopefulness that it brings. There is nothing like gorging on butter and See's candy for two weeks prior to January 1st, knowing that everything is going to change and you just might become the perfect person in the new year. I have always made New Year's Resolutions since I was a kid and still have a few of the lists I made when I was a kid/teenager/last year.

A few from the past.... 1) Stop reading celebrity gossip sites (hardy hardy har. That is a major addiction still). 2) Lose 10 pounds (pretty much on my list every year since I hit puberty). 3) Take a photo a day for the entire year (literally lasted three days).  4) Get published in either O Magazine or Real Simple (I was so close in 2010, but it fell through at the last minute).

So since I had big plans of turning my life around today, I of course, had to write down some resolutions yesterday so I could let you all know exactly what I plan on doing, and then on December 31st of 2012 (if the world still exists), we can all have a big chuckle at my lack of follow-through.

1) Take a photo each day and post it to the blog. Oh yeah, I didn't succeed two years ago when I tried, but I figure if I can go longer than three days, then we can chalk it up as a success. And speaking of succeeding..... here is today's photo....

2) Get a nicer camera and actually learn about photography. Our photo-a-day adventure mentioned above might actually be somewhat viable then and not just consist of blurry photos of puppies.

3) Run a marathon. Maybe two. I just turned 26 last week, so I figure this is the perfect year to run my first 26.2 miles. I have been training for about two months (minus the last two weeks of being a sloth and eating my body weight in baked goods). I have plans on running the Atlanta Marathon in March and if it all goes well, the Savannah Rock'n Roll Marathon in October.

4) Lose 15 pounds. It would have been the usual 10 pounds, but since I ate an entire box of See's Candy in two days (thanks Mom!), I have a few extra miles to run.

5) Become a successful blogger. Hear that blogging world???? I am going to do this and be a success! I made a schedule of blog posts for the next month and everything, so I must be serious. Actually, I didn't make a schedule for the whole month, but like for five or six already. I am waiting to be inspired for the other ones.

6) Learn something new. A new language, craft or take a class at a community college. I miss academia and since my Husband is in law school, I have really been yearning to stretch my intellectual capabilities.

7) Read some books! I am going to strive to read 1-2 books a month which is a lot of me right now since I mostly listen to audio books while I work or clean.

8) Knit more!! I started knitting again this past month and I have fallen head-over-heels in love with the craft again. There is something so magical about taking a ball of squishy yarn and creating the perfect accessory from it. I am completely obsessed again and want to do more of it.

9) Learn how to build my own website. I tried to do this in 2011 and well....my mind isn't capable of doing graphic design or learning code or any of the other mumbo jumbo associated with it. Since my business is 90% online, this is probably something I should figure out. It seems so boring and complicated though....

10) Become a yogi. Start practicing yoga. It seems cool and everyone who does it looks extremely attractive.

So there you have it. I have big plans on doing all of the above and making 2012 the best year ever! Do you have any good resolutions for the New Year?

<Photo of us hanging out at the dog park today. I had to post this because this is such a good self-portrait of us. Usually one of our heads is lopped off.>


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