January 10, 2012


My goodness...I can't believe that it is already 10 days into the new year. I feel like I have been in some sort of time warp these past three weeks. My husband was off from law school during this time and it seemed like everything kind of meshed together into some sort of baked goods eating, wine drinking, mario kart playing haze.

My husband is one of the hardest working people I have ever met. Since we have been dating/married, he always has had an 80-100 hour a week job or attended law school. He is fueled solely by coffee, cheese and tobacco and works himself into the ground. But good god, when he decides that he is going to relax, he doesn't just relax, he becomes a sloth. Hence the last few weeks where I in turn became a sloth. When you work from home, live in a 700 sq foot apartment, and your husband is three feet away sitting on the couch watching some documentary about ventriloquists, it is so hard not to get pulled in. So after my holiday orders were done and before I had to start inventory January 1st, I slothed, I slothed hard. I am talking about how I didn't do the dishes for a few days so we ran out of clean dishes, so we decided to eat fast food for a week instead of washing a fork. I am talking about having an argument with the husband every four hours when the puppy needed to go out because neither of us could be bothered with having to walk the dog the 1oo feet to poop. We slothed so hard I gained 7 pounds in three weeks and the husband gained 13 pounds. They say 'Go big or go home.' We got big and stayed home.

But all good things must come to an end. My husband started law school again yesterday and I did our dishes. I washed and put away eight loads of laundry (I was surprised at how many clothes we dirtied while slothing). I took a shower, ate some vegetables and drank some warm lemon water. I ran 4 miles yesterday and today and tried to sweat out all the delicious waffle fries from Chick fil'A I had consumed lately. I feel like I am coming out of some gnarly drug induced binge, but instead it was just a wonderful 2nd honeymoon with my husband. I have to say....I am already looking forward to the next years sloth-fest.

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