January 2, 2012

1st Outfit Post Ever - Room for Improvement

Alright...well...I did it. I actually put on pants with a zipper and did my hair (sort of). Here is the first installment of my new outfit posts and well.... we have some work to do to make this actually enjoyable for you to view.

First - These were taken in the middle of our local dog park, so imagine steaming piles of poo everywhere. Also, lots of dog owners staring at us funny while we attempt to take photos.

Second - Instead of telling me I look lovely, my husband commented that I looked overly dressed up. I am glad that I have set the standard so high that a pair of jeans and a cotton t-shirt, now qualify as dressing up :) To be fair to him though...I am wearing some bling on my head.

Now that the scene is set....here are the photos...

Alright, so my photographer/husband started us off right with a full body shot. I did a little bit of cropping because I was an ant in the original photo, but it is a good start.

Photographer/husband moved a bit closer and took a lovely shot which highlights all the areas where my latest binge fest is currently residing on my body.

I gave him the instruction of getting some 'cool angles' which apparently means holding the camera crooked and making it blurry.

My husband told me after this photo that my eyes did 'something weird' and then quit on me. In his defense, someone needed to keep an eye on our dog. We were already getting plenty of stares.

Sans photographer, I attempted to get some photos on my own. See shot above for cool shoulder detailing on shirt.

Almost a top-knot hair do with a flashy headband I made for New Year's Eve, but since we didn't go out at all (husband was sick), decided to wear it to the dog park on January 1st. Totally dog park appropriate.

Obligatory looking off in the distance pose.

I thoroughly scoured the area before placing my bag down. Poop free and hopefully pee free as well.

My photographer/husband came back to me after watching me from afar taking photos of myself. I think he felt sorry for me. And he just wanted me to finish so we could leave.

So yeah....there is the first one. Hopefully with a little bit of work, we can actually take some decent photos soon.

Shirt: Old Navy

Jeans: Express (thrifted)

Shoes: Payless

Bag: Michael Kors (thrifted)

Headband: Handmade by me!


  1. I'm so excited to see an outfit post!!

  2. Thanks Erin! It doesn't compare to yours at all, but maybe some day :)

    PS....I Loved your new years eve dress. Super cute!!


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