January 3, 2012

How to do Accounting for a Small Business Like a Rockstar

Ahhh...the start of tax season is upon us. Currently I am in the middle of counting thousands of little beads and my husband is in the other room quietly cussing to himself while entering information into a few dozen excel spreadsheets.

After three years of doing taxes and inventory for my business, I have worked out a few kinks but overall I am still a terrible book-keeper (my husband whole-heartedly agrees). I really need to make it big so I can hire someone to do all of this for me. Until then, here are some of my tricks of the trade and lessons on how to do your small business taxes like a rockstar.

1) Since you are going to be working on the computer all day, paint your nails a pretty color. They will look extra fabulous while you do all your number-crunching. Neon pink is the color au jour.

2) Drink plenty of liquids. Your full and slightly painful bladder will help keep you focused. Also, think of your frequent potty breaks as a reward and reprieve.

3) Convince your unemployed, law student of a husband that since you are the sole income earner, frequent foot rubs and back crackings are in order. It's hard work sitting in a chair all day organizing your ribbon.

4) If you decide to forgo showering because you hate accounting and don't care about anything else but finishing, be sure to wear the biggest hat you have to hide your hideous mane.

5) Make sure there is a constant supply of dark chocolate and red wine in your household. You need nourishment.

5) Wear your game face at all times. This is how I look while I count beads all day....

So there you have it. That is all you need to know to do your small business taxes. You are most welcome.



  1. “Drink plenty of liquids.” – Since accounting is going to require you to do a lot of thinking and analysis, you definitely need water for you to think sharper. Studies have shown that water enhances mental functions. Moreover, just do what makes you feel comfortable – eat, stretch out, etc. You don’t want to calculate and set things mentally if you feel uneasy. :)

    - Jamie Shellman

  2. Accounting is never easy, especially if you don't have any background about its basics. Keeping yourself hydrated can do the trick - of keeping you fresh and cool. You need to maintain your patience while doing the computation, balancing, etc. to assure its accuracy. Practice makes perfect! It's never too late to learn a new skill.

    -Elias Brasel @ OnCoreBookKeeping


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