January 4, 2012

Things of Note for Today

Today was an exciting day. Let's just get right down to it....

1) The morning started off extreme when I discovered the biggest bran flake ever in my cereal. Check out that sucker! He was about the size of an egg.

2) I unknowingly started a garden over the holidays when I stopped cooking and ingested only baked goods for two weeks straight. I think I need to start eating my veggies again.

3) Took the puppy to the dog park without the husband. An older woman (early 60's) came and stood next to me and after a few awkward comments back and forth about how cold it was, my brain decided that it was totally socially acceptable to start discussing with this complete stranger about how we switched dog foods lately and my dog is practically pooping his body weight each day. I kept picking up on her uncomfortableness by her very pronounced social cues, but I continued talking about my dogs potty habits with enthusiasm for at least ten minutes with this woman while she just stared ahead silently. I fear that I might be so socially awkward that I am will never rebound to normal social norms.

4) Still doing inventory and fyi....counting thousands of beads is boring. To spice it up I like to throw in a little Sesame Street Count in there. One bead. ha.ha.ha. Two beads. ha.ha.ha. Three beads. ha.ha.ha.

5) My husband and I had a discussion on whether or not I should have a blog 'catchphrase.' Something I would say often at the end of posts. Gonna throw some of them out there over the next few days and see if something sticks.

<Husband's Choice> That's all the news that's to print. <BOOOOOOOOOOO>

<My Choice> Oh yeah, you are most welcome. <HOOOOORAYYYY>

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