December 4, 2011

Thank you!!!

Oh. my. goodness. Athens, you rock!

Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by the Athens Indie Craftstravaganza yesterday. I had such a blast and it was so great to meet so many of you! It was such a successful show and there were so many great local artisans there. It was way bigger than I had anticipated (almost 100 crafters) and thousands of attendees. I loved having people stop by my booth and tell me that they recognize my jewelry and hair accessories from various places all over town. Thank you so much to all my repeat customers as well as all you brand new ones!

I had a few new things occur at this craft show than in previous events. 1) I was on the far end of the fair, right next to a long alley way which basically turned into a wind tunnel. At one point, my bulletin board jewelry stands turned into sails and my booth was closed for about 30 minutes while I untangled all my jewelry. Luckily no damages, just a big crazy mess. 2) I had my first shoplifter. I have always heard horror stories about this happening, but have been lucky so far. I think for as many shows as I have done in the past year, to only have one $25.00 necklace stolen, I should count my blessings. But I am now going to be eagle-eyed at my next show. 3) This was my first time having a line. Like an actual check-out line with more than one person waiting. Super flattering to say the least.

My husband starting taking photos when he came to give me a potty break but the camera died after about five photos and I forgot batteries. are the four photos that turned out! These were taken right after I reopened, with all my jewelry lying flat and safe.

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