April 4, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting....

Oh Pinterest...how I love thee. 

This week you introduced me to so many things I will never be able to afford, dishes that are too complicated for me to cook and crafts that I will never do half as well as the photos lead me to believe. 

Yet I still pin. I pin with a passion. 

Here are my favorite pins from this week...

source unknown
I love the glitz of this collar. 
It definitely seems like something I would love to do myself on a collar with some sequins 
(I'm watching too much Toddlers & Tiaras).

Apparently this hair brush is a wonder brush. 
It has little micro-fiber nubs in it that sucks out the excess moisture while you brow-dry your hair. 
It's only $12.00 and at Target. I might have to give it a shot. 

So microwavable cakes, cookies, muffins are all the rage now and I am on board with this bandwagon. Anything that helps to limit me from eating a dozen cookies at one time is alright with me. 
And I LOVE carrot cake, but my husband doesn't. I never bake or buy it because I know that I will eat ALL of it.
Pretty excited about this cake for one!

I am so in love with this tile and designer. 
The kelly green shade, the white lines, the hexagon shape, I love it all!
Click on the source button under the photo to see some other great tiles by this designer.

The scallop trim on these shoes is killing me with cuteness. 
Not going to be spending $105 on these though.

I have been on the hunt for about a year for the perfect rug for our living room. I had never considered making my own until I saw this tutorial. I would probably try making a smaller rug first, before I went all crazy making a big rug.

So there you have it! My favorite pins of the week. 
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