April 20, 2012

High Five For Friday!!

This blog post is being written during my three hour break at my new part time job (which has seemed to morph into a full time job). 

I worked four hours this morning, went home, took the puppy on a run, showered, ate lunch, gasped at the number of emails that I currently have in my inbox, wrote this blog post, then I will be scooting off to work for another four hours.


Here are my top five things that I am loving this Friday....


At work this morning (I work for Edible Arrangements now fyi), I got to spend four hours dipping fruit into melted chocolate. Standing over a giant thing of chocolate all morning is the most lovely way to start the day. Also, I am pretty sure that I have the best smelling job ever. 


The weather here has been so cool and rainy the past few days. I love being able to go on a mid-day run and not fear of dying of dehydration.


My husband starts his law school exams this Sunday. Even though they are going to be a $%&#@, at least they are finally here, he can do his best and we can be done with the first year of law school. Hooray!


The Voice!

I love this show so much. The judges are awesome and funny, the talent is awesome and the song choices are always so good. 

Maybe its because this is the only show my husband and I watch together, but really...I do love it so much. 

Fyi....the winner is going to be one of these three...


I don't have to work out of the house on Sunday. And I am so freaking excited about that. 

Yoga pants and no showering....here I come!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!



  1. OMgoodness! I would weigh 300 pounds in a very short period of time if I had such a cool job!! How much do you eat every day?

  2. Your job sounds fantastic. Smelling chocolate all day long? Ideal job! :)

  3. I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award - please come to my blog and read my post about it...:-) Have a great day!

  4. I love the Voice so much! I am addicted. But I can't decide who I want to win. I really like Katrina...we'll see!


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