April 3, 2012

3 Exciting Things....

Today was going to be a day full of errands, mundane chores and running all around the state of Georgia. Little did I know when I woke up this morning how many awesome things were going to happen to me today. 

1) I had to go to Athens, GA to restock my jewelry in various boutiques around town (fyi...Athen residents, check out Agora on Clayton Street and Republic Hair Salon in Downtown for some new awesome jewelry!) 

Little did I know while I was walking around hauling my jewelry briefcase from place to place that today was FREE cone day at Ben & Jerry's. 

They practically dragged me in (actually...I squealed and ran inside when I found out) and walked out with a chocolate/peanut butter ice cream cone. And let me just give props to Ben & Jerry's. Not only did you give me a free ice cream cone on a day with 85 degree weather, you also gave me a few big scoops with a waffle cone. 

You rock. 

I didn't have my camera on hand, so I couldn't capture the glee that I had while eating my ice cream cone, but I am pretty sure I looked about as happy as that little girl.

2) One of my errands today was going to Target. I was browsing the $1.00 section as the front near the carts when my eyes fell upon one of the most wonderful things I had ever seen in Target. I squealed, for the second time today, when I saw a shelf full of 'Hello Panda' cookies. 

fyi....right above the box, you can see my husband's eagle leg tattoo. 

Anywho....when I was a kid, I lived for the "Koala Yummies' cookies. They were in an hexagon box and were creme/chocolate/strawberry filled shortbread biscuits. 

 They were so delicious and so hard to find. I remember begging my mom to get me a box of these every time we went to the grocery store when I was around the age of 5-9. Then...they disappeared. I couldn't find them anywhere and my hunt began. 

For the next ten years, every single time I went into a grocery store I looked for Koala Yummies. It almost became a nervous tick. I couldn't 'not' look for them. I became a bit obsessive. Fast forward ten years when I was searching the web and discovered www.asianfoodgrocer.com

Finally a place where not only can I buy Koala Yummies, but I can get 30 boxes!! Soon, I began ordering/hiding away Koala Yummies in my room. Some kids hide alcohol in their college dorms....I hid cookies. I wasn't sharing with anyone!

Well after placing a few orders of 30 boxes....I kind of hit a peak with how many Koala Yummies I could eat and actually forgot about them for a few years. My itch had been scratched. 

Until now. 'Hello Panda' is an imitation 'Koala Yummies' cookie and I had heard about them and got super excited to finally see some and buy them. So..........I filled my basket with a few (a few in each flavor of course) and got pumped for doing some taste testing. 

As of writing this post this evening...I have eaten two boxes (they are smallish....don't judge), I will say that they are not nearly as good as Koala Yummies, but still fun to eat. They are good....but they aren't the same and aren't what I was hoping for.  

Hello Panda < Koala Yummies.

3) This pretty lady.... Jessica at http://www.lovelylittlethingsblog.com featured one of my necklaces on her blog today. I was so flattered by her kind words and I think that she models the heck out of that necklace. 

Did you have anything exciting happen today to you? Did you also get a free ice cream cone?

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